Subterranean Termites

What You Should Know About Subterranean Termites

Termites are found almost everywhere in the world. They are a menace to deal if they colonize inside the house. A colony of termites can cause major damage that can cost hundreds of dollars to the house owner. The termites eat anything made of wood including doors, frames, chairs, tables, and other items made of […]

Rat Infestation Inside the House

How To Prevent A Rat Infestation Inside Your Home

Rats are a serious threat to the health of the individuals. They carry different kinds of infectious diseases that can transfer to humans and pets inside the house. A rat infestation is bad news for homeowners. The pesky little creatures can also cause damage to the electrical wiring that can pose a serious fire threat. […]

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites: What you need to know about this Arizona termite type

Drywood termites—as the name itself might suggest—feed on dry wood. The termites establish colonies in structural wood, furniture moldings, fence and utility posts, window and door frames, and many more places. It’s not easy to detect a drywood termite infestation. However, there are certain signs that termites leave that can signify of a possible termite […]

Detect Carpenter Ant Infestation

Here’s how to tell if you have a carpenter ant infestation

If left untreated, a carpenter ant infestation can cause a great damage to wood furniture items inside the house. The ants develop a colony of satellite nests inside the home. You must contact a professional pest control company to remove the threat posed by carpenter ant infestation.  We offer free pest control inspections. If you […]

Rental Property Termite Treatment

Home sealing + Treatment = Say goodbye to pests

The treatments from AZ Best Pest are effective at eliminating pests. So is sealing your home. However, if you really want to ensure that pests get out and stay out, combining traditional pest control methods and pesticide with a home seal can make a real difference. In this post, your friends at AZ Best Pest […]