Borate Treatment: An Effective Pest Control Method

Are you looking for some easy ways of eliminating termites? A very effective method that has become very popular is borate treatment. However, one major problem in implementing this procedure is that it works only on those woods which have not been used for construction yet. Thus, constructors prefer using it only prior to employing the wood, by injecting sodium borate into the wood either by dust treatment or foam treatment. Unfortunately, the method fails in those houses which have been already built and where termite infestation has started.

Having its foundation from boric acid which is used as a common solution against pest trouble, sodium borate also functions in a similar manner. Initially, this chemical was used in 1990 as a pest control method and because it proved to be effective, it has become a very popular remedy now. Moreover, it is a major component used in many products such as Bra Care, Tim-bor, Jecta Gel, which are utilized for pest prevention.

The procedure of application of borate treatment is quite simple. It involves mixing of the chemical with some water and either spraying or brushing over the wooden surface. Doing this causes the protozoa inside the parasites, which break down wood into essential nutrients for survival, to die and thereby leading to destruction of termites.