Extermination Methods for Termites

Termites can be very destructive pests if not controlled quickly. Not only do they like to feed on wooden furniture, but can also damage many other things in the house such as books, insulation, papers, trees etc. Thus, looking for proper treatments to keep them away from the place is essential. Here are the two commonly employed methods which work well against termites: baiting and using pesticides.

In the process of baiting, a substance is kept below the ground to attract the termites at home. Next, when termites consume the bait, it acts in a way to kill them. However, it is very important that the bait chosen shows its action slowly. This is because termites have a tendency to share food among their colony. Thus, the bait should be slow enough to perform so as to reach most of the members of the colony. Otherwise, it would fail to control a large group of termites.
Using pesticides involves spraying of chemicals in the house that can kill termites. This works in two ways: by the application of repellant and non-repellant pesticides. The repellant pesticides ensure that the termites in the soil do not enter into the house and vice-versa. While the repellant ones do the job of exterminating the infestations.