Common Pest Types | Arizona Pest Control

It is incredible how many pests there are that can cause us problems, they of course have no concept of where our homes and gardens start and end nor that they are pests but we don’t want them in or around the places we live or work. Insects are common pests and often the most difficult to control and get rid of. Termite control is notoriously difficult and getting rid of them uses noxious treatments, the damage they do also means that they are the least welcome pest of all generally. Other insects such as flies can just be a pain and bees if they get into your home can in fact be a danger to health if you have an allergy or someone in your family does and at least they can give a painful sting. Scorpions also can give a painful sting or in the case of the bark scorpion an almighty sting that could take days to recover from. Moving away from creepy crawlies mammals including rats, mice and gophers, birds such as pigeons and retiles such as snakes are all unwelcome in our homes, unless they are pets of course. A pet in a cage, which is clean and safe, is very different to a disease spreading or poisonous pest.