Humane and child safe pest removal | Arizona Pest Control

Killing pests to some people is a very practical thing, if a pest causes a problem then they want to get rid of it and often killing that pest is the easiest thing. You though may have a little more respect for animals even if they are pests and not really on your side in the same way. Still though often a distinction is drawn between those animals that are seen as cuddly like rats and mice and those that have little appeal such as termites and scorpions, snakes seems to be popular with some people and not others. Humane traps though do exist for several types of pests and certainly for rodents. Rodents in your home in reality are diseased and you wouldn’t want to cuddle them at all but still you may not like the idea of having one dead in your home, especially if you have children. Poisoning rats and mice can be worse as you then have them dying a little while after, by which time they could be hidden away in your wall cavities where they will rot and smell. Poisons are also not safe with young children and pets around who spend any time on the floor, they are poisonous top people as much to animals usually and so a humane trap may be a good idea sometimes from a practical point of view.