Pigeon control | Arizona Pest Control

Most birds don’t bother humans too much, occasionally they may leave droppings in the wrong places but apart from that they aren’t a problem and ornithologists appreciate them as often graceful animals. Even ornithologists though must be aware that pigeons are not attractive and not our friends when they settle in towns ands cities and cause mess and spread disease. Most birds are happy to nest in the wild and in trees and bushes. Pigeons seem to like buildings find perches and ledges to nest on and from there they seem to create an awful lot of droppings. These droppings alone are enough reason to want to get rid of pigeons as they collect and start to smell and inevitably can spread disease. The droppings contain a very high level of uric acid meaning that it can cause serious damage to materials including metal and also stones in a similar way to acid rain but much faster. Pigeons can damage buildings and statues severely therefore. Pigeons themselves though unlike most birds will actually steal food from people directly, from your house or garden and from your rubbish creating a lot of mess in the process. Luckily pigeons can be exterminated or measures can be used to stop them from landing. As a pest you are free to get in an exterminator to get rid of them.