Removing Termites from Your Home | Arizona Pest Control

Removing termites from your home is something you will probably want done quickly, you want the damage to stop as soon as possible but also you probably don’t like the idea of a home full of bugs. The methods for termite removal to vary a bit and they have their advantages and disadvantages. One type of removal relies on drilling into wood, this may not be a problem on your roof timbers that you don’t see but you may want to avoid this on beautiful old exposed beams if you have them. Pest control experts can use a variety of materials and chemicals and the least noxious method for residents of the home is the drilling method. Unfortunately removing people from their homes to get rid of termites is sometimes needed, this includes with drywood termites especially. To get rid of drywood termites a tent is put over the entire house so sealing everything inside so that a treatment can then be released that is guaranteed to reach all parts of the house, and also not to pollute the local air. Alternative treatments are available but they may take longer and not be as effective, they may sometimes need to be repeated. The best option may be to have a pest removal company come to your home and discuss options as well as giving you a free quotation.