Spotting Signs of Rodents in Your Home | Arizona Pest Control

Spotting rodents in your home will eventually become all too clear but you may want to spot them before they do too much damage and know what kind of pest you actually have. Mice are smaller than you might expect, they can get into spaces even smaller still, and their droppings are very small also and may be mistaken for dirt or soil. The best way to find rodents is to look in the places where they like to nest. They don’t like having to go far so it may well be near to food. Underneath kitchen cupboards is a favorite but they also like warm places such as near to a boiler. Nesting materials are important to a rat or a mouse as well to make sure they have somewhere comfortable for their family and so they may well get into your clothes, especially those you have packed up over winter or summer and so rarely disturbed. In cartoons mice make holes in the skirting board to get into walls, they may do this but usually only where they have come up through crawl space into the walls and then go through to get food. As well as gnawed wood also look out for scratched wood that may be a sign of rats especially, sharpening their claws.