Stop Rodents Entering Your Home | Arizona Pest Control

Having rodents in your home is horrible, they smell, spread disease, cause damage and eat your food. Rodents that most often get into people’s homes are rats and mice, once in they tend to breed and be difficult to get rid of so the best thing is to stop them getting into your home. Having to kill them within your home is also very unpleasant and if you have children is lily to upset them. Rodents get into your home often through gaps left for them and hints of the food available inside that to them often seem like an open invitation. One thing you must not do is leave garbage outside your home, especially not piled up right by doors. Make sure you have garbage cans with good lids to put waste into. Rodents can squeeze into surprisingly small holes so fill up anything that they could be able to get into. ‘You want to stop rats and mice but housemice and dormice are smaller than you might think to begin with and once they squeeze the holes they can get into are remarkably small. Try not to leave doors open in the summer either without someone nearby, they will keep away if they see humans normally but they are opportunistic.