The Problem with Rodents in Your Home | Arizona Pest Control

The problems you will have with rodents in your home aren’t just that they may make you jump, rats and mice cause more problems than you could imagine. They are seen as cute animals but mice and rats spread disease and may well have recently been in bins and sewers so who knows what is on their coats: they are then running around on your kitchen surfaces looking for food. Rats especially like to gnaw, they will gnaw not just at your food but at wood and even wiring. They could take out your electricity for your whole property, and probably themselves as well though this is little consolation. Rodents are often easy to spot from the mess they make where they have chewed skirting boards and cabinets and from their feces everywhere. With mice be aware that it is smaller than you might think and so don’t mistake it for coffee granules or something similar dropped on to your floor or worktop. Once you kill rodents you may have an even bigger problem, with conventional traps you will inevitably find dead corpses of rats and mice everywhere which you may not want to deal with and which may upset children. Poison means that they can die anywhere and then begin to rot, humane traps are an option but less effective and more time consuming to use.