Where Scorpions May Be Found | Arizona Pest Control

Scorpions can be found in your home inside and out and in almost any environment. Don’t therefore assume that it is just desserts where you will see them and that even there you can avoid them because they won’t have any cover. Scorpions like cover, the way they hunt, means they lie in wait and so they are generally well hidden and well camouflaged. They aren’t in wait for humans of course so usually unless you disturb them you will be fine, there is always the chance you will disturb them though. In the garden be careful with piles of garbage where they may nest and sheds as well are popular with them. Garden waste and potted plants are also good damp places for them to lurk. Inside too though scorpions are more than happy as long as there are plenty of insects around. You could of course remove all insects from your home with pest control to starve out the scorpions but at least try and keep them under control. Scorpions may well be found in places like storage boxes and on shelves you rarely use, they also find nooks and crannies such as between bricks and under skirting boards where they can hide.