Right Time to Avail Termite Inspection Services

Waiting for the right time to avail termite inspection services? Termites are the most irritating pests in terms of damaging the property. These are the ones, which are hard to determine in the early stage and it is generally advised by the pest specialists that it should be controlled at the initial stage so that it should not get expanded. In most of the times people get confused in recognizing them with ants. But for knowledge, termites have straight antennae and wings of same size.

Given below are some of the points that will guide you on when is the right time to go for pest inspection services:

• When there are small creatures with wings near to the light source or basement of the compound wall or outside of the window. This is a first thing to observe in your home, when inspecting for termites. One may take it lightly that this is not the major problem as there are some creatures in the house. One should be aware that this insect can live up to 25 years and lay thousands of eggs per day.

• The second sign is presence of mud tubes on the walls, ceilings or wood. This insect creates a thin mud tube and start reserving their space in it. No matters if the mud tubes are the empty, one must start with the treatment when you get to know about the presence of these mud houses. Hiring pest specialists here becomes essential as it may be difficult for you to judge that where these mud houses will be present and where not.
• The third step that will make you sure to go for the treatment is when you notice hollowed wood. Yes, this is most common sign by which one avail pest inspection services. When you notice eating of the wood in your home furniture, you never know that how much it is going to be and in how many places so a small part of eaten wood is a sign to move forward for termite inspection.