Home Pest Control Tips

Every time you return to your home it’s very likely that some form of critter or pest is coming in with you. Since many bugs and vermin are also disease carriers, it’s important to take steps to keep as many of them out as possible. Investing in an Arizona exterminator is one good step to take, but there are many day-to-day pest control tips you can put into practice as well:

1. Stock up on plastic containers – Food or edible items in cardboard or paper packaging should be placed in tightly sealed plastic containers. This not only keeps pests out, but also keeps food fresher longer.
2. Inspect Mesh screens – If you have mesh screens on windows and doors, ensure they don’t have any tears, gaps, or holes in them. Airing your house out shouldn’t mean letting pests in.
3. Seal garbage bins – Another tip for avoiding a call to an Arizona exterminator is to make sure your garbage cans aren’t a mess. Use strong, airtight, plastic bags and buy garbage cans with sealable lids to keep rats and raccoons out. Also, make sure the cans aren’t top-heavy: eager critters can knock those over easily.
4. Fill cracks – Pests can get into your house through the smallest cracks and holes, so it’s extremely important to fill the walls outside your home. You can try filling smaller cracks with caulk, but professional home sealing in Arizona is recommended for bigger jobs.
5. Keep a clean house – This is the most basic pest control tip of all: messy houses provide excellent hiding spots for pests. Keep things neat and clean, and regularly go through your belongings to donate, throw out, or recycle old and unwanted possessions. The less you have, the less they can hide behind (or in, or under).
6. Clean your yard – Like your house, an unkempt yard is a free-for-all for bugs and vermin. Raccoons and mice can easily climb unruly bushes and trees near your home, and piles of junk or leaves make great nesting places.
7. Call the professionals – If you’ve done all you can but you’re still having pest problems, call a Phoenix residential pest control provider right away.
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