Household Pests Infestations

With over twenty varieties of common household pests circulating year-round, homeowners would be wise to invest in a pest control home sealor extermination services to ensure as few unwanted pests as possible. Here, we’ll examine times of year for specific infestations and some tips for prevention so you can determine the appropriate form of Arizona residential pest control.

  • Year-round : roaches, silverfish, bedbugs
  • Jan – Feb : rats, mice, lady beetles, boxelder bugs, cluster flies
  • Mar – Apr : ants, spiders, termites
  • May – Jun : caterpillars, ticks, fleas, centipedes, wasps, hornets, bees, mosquitos, garden/occasional pests

* All pests are active by June, so we’ll look just at the most common requests for pest control home sealsand extermination from July on:

  • Jul – Aug : moths, mosquitoes, bat bugs, carpenter bees, bird lice
  • Sep – Oct : millipedes, spiders, bees, ants, flies, fleas
  • Nov – Dec : rats, mice, bedbugs, roaches, squirrels, bats

When it comes to Arizona residential pest control and prevention, some areas of your home require extra attention. Kitchens, and all the food they store, are highly conducive to ant colonies, while closets provide dark corners and lots of clutter for spiders to hide in. Moist pipes and drains in bathrooms provide excellent entry points for cockroaches and rodents, while dark, rarely-visited basements are suitable homes for a host of infestations.

There are several steps you can take to help prevent a household pest infestation. First, a clean and dry home that is free of excess clutter isn’t very appealing to pests. Keep food in tightly sealed containers, and switch from pest-attracting cardboard to plastic storage boxes. Investing in one of Arizona’s home sealing service providers to seal access points around doors, windows, drains and soffits will keep pests out. Arizona Best Choice Pest and Termite Services is an experienced and reliable provider of home sealing. It’s also a good idea to hire an exterminator from one of Arizona’s best pest control services to evaluate your home on a regular basis. At Arizona Best Choice, we can provide you with valuable information on Arizona residential pest control and prevention all year long.

To schedule a free pest and termite inspection, contact Arizona Best Choice Pest and Termite Services. We’ll evaluate your home and determine the best course of action for your pest control needs. As providers of Arizona’s best pest control services, we offer a wide variety of proven effective residential and commercial extermination options. And our pest control home sealing canhelp you keep unwanted critters out all year long. Contact us onlineto find the location closest to you.