Valuable Tips To Keep Pests Away From The Kitchen

Kitchen is the most important area of a house and this is that part of the house that requires special maintenance & care. In most of kitchens it is found that pests are the most common problem that is found at this place and people search out for pest management team that can help in getting rid of them. If your kitchen is out of those, which is going with the problem of insects, it would be better to avail pest inspection services before it rises. And if you do not want insects to enter your kitchen then here are some of the tips by which pests are going to remain away from your pantry area:

•    Keep the area dry and moisture free
There are many insects that get attracted to the stagnant water. So if your kitchen has even little water standing on the corners or under the sink, clean it and make the area dry. Remember to make the area moisture free and have a look on the pipes that they do not leak or create suitable places for bugs to live in. This includes taking care of the places that includes garbage, damp recyclables, glasses of liquid, etc.

•    Boric acid is going to help a lot
The second method by which your kitchen area is going to keep pests away is with the help of boric acid. This acid is a flour and is very effective in killing the insects. All you need to do is to sprinkle this acid flour to the areas where you think pests can enter your kitchen. When pests will enter they will eat the mixture and die. If this acid is not available then you may buy its supplement i.e. Borax detergent, which is also used for the same purpose. It can be used directly or you can mix it with sugar or water, which is mostly searched by the insects.

•    Keep the garbage away
The next important tip is to keep the kitchen area clean and tidy all the time. Keep in mind that the garbage should not be collected in short intervals, which is mostly noticed in most of the kitchens. Some of the homes have separate bins in their pantry, which is essential but their care is also essential. Remember to clean it short intervals and throw the garbage more frequently from the slabs, etc.