Controlling Termites

Termites are a common pest in the country, which are associated with several risks. Every year, this pest causes damages worth a significant amount of dollars. As such, if you have them in your house, you should get rid of them immediately. The best way to do this is to hire a company which offers termite control in Phoenix. There are some other techniques as well, which are presented below.

Keep your infested structure in the sun

If termites have infested your wooden furniture or some other element in your home, you can keep it out in the sun for some time. Generally, you should do this for around two or three days. Termites prefer the dark, and the outside heat and light will eventually kill them.

Avail a microwave spot treatment

Heat is a good way to get rid of termites. You can get your home heated at a high temperature, which will automatically kill the termites. Rather than trying this by yourself, you should ask the pros to do it for you.

Buy pesticides

Pesticides are really effective when it comes to killing pests if you are using the right product in a proper manner. These are available for every pest, and you should find one that has been specially designed for termites. Once you do, read the label on the back clearly before you start any treatment. Go through all the instructions and take a special note of the warnings.

Though pesticides do work, they endanger your health and expose you to several risks. This means you have to exercise great care when you use them. Be sure to keep your pets and children away when you do so. Also do it in the right amount so that you do not expose yourself to any sort of risks. You should also wear protective clothing.

Use boric acid

Boric acid is a common substance to get rid of termites. It prevents the nervous system of a termite from working, and dehydrates it. You can coat or spray all wood structures in your house with boric acid. You should also keep some boric acid in the garden or any other area where you suspect an infestation.

Replenish the boric acid supply whenever the need arises. As time passes, you will notice dead termites nearby.

Hire the pros

As already mentioned, the best way to eradicate termites is to appoint a company which offers termite control in PhoenixBe sure that you are appointing a company which offers quality treatment and will be able to deal with the infestation effectively.

We suggest that you should get quotes from a number of pest control companies, and go over their reviews and testimonials. Accordingly, you can hire any company which seems the most suitable to you.