Termite Treatment

So your house has a termite infestation and you’re worried about what to do now. If you’re living in Phoenix, termite treatment options that are offered by pest control companies range over a wide variety. There are a number of choices available that range from measures that you can take yourself as well as seeking professional help.

Here are a number of options you can choose from.

Sunlight Treatment

Exposing furniture to sunlight for a couple of days is an old yet effective way of getting rid of termites. They are sensitive to the heat of the sun and are killed upon exposure to it for long hours/

Temperature Extremes

Termites are sensitive to temperature extremes that is, both hot as well as cold temperatures. It’s up to you the kind of treatment you want to avail. Microwave termite treatment service is also provided by a number of pest control companies.

You can get your home either heated at a high temperature or placing the infested furniture into a large freezer. Both of these options can be used with proper resources. And what better way than getting this done by professionals which are a sure way to getting completely rid of the problem.

Using Pesticides

The use of pesticide is the most effective way of getting rid of termites. They can be used both for termite treatment as well as prevention of future infestation. There is a wide variety to choose from so first you need to determine the type of infestation at your home whether it is a drywood termite or a subterranean termite.

If you’re planning on doing this on your own, you must be equipped with the appropriate protective gear before starting the chemical treatment. These include gloves, goggles and a mask. And make sure you get every surface and corner. Since this requires a certain level of expertise, it is better if you leave it in the hand of professionals. Because if they are not exterminated completely, they might easily return back and cost you even more money than they already have.

Seeking Professional Help

This is the best option to eradicate the problem completely. The services that pest control companies provide range from detecting and assessing the damage to getting rid of the problem and future prevention. They use a number of techniques that are similar to ones mentioned above and a few more.

What you need to do is look for a company that has a good track record and is trained and experienced in this regard so that they determine exactly what kind of treatment would be most suitable to the damage in your house. They use treatment techniques such as Trenching and Treatment of the foundation of the house, use physical barriers that are chemically treated with pesticides, microwave treatment, and more.

The age old saying, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ could not be emphasized more in this case. Termites love moisture so you have to make sure to not let water seep in where it’s not supposed to. Airing all the rooms often, keeping furniture in sunlight every 7-8 months or so can be effective ways to prevent this problem from occurring entirely.

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