How to Find Scorpions Hiding In Your Homes

Summers are here! The month of June gets pretty hot here in Phoenix. People are heading to the beaches for a sun tan; meanwhile scorpions come out of hiding. Scorpions group together and hide themselves in winters and when the summer hits, all of the scorpions head out to feed, breed and enjoy the sun. It is the most favorable weather for these venomous scorpions to pick homes and reside in them. Many people are unaware of it and the ones that are don’t know where to find them. It’s not impossible to find scorpions if they have entered your premises. You just have to follow these instructions to find them and then try a scorpion control phoenix to get rid of them.


If you have a swimming pool in your house or your backyard, make sure you give it a thorough check. Scorpions are attracted to water, and if they find standing water anywhere in your home, they’ll probably be found chilling in your pool.

Small Entrances

One of the easiest and most neglected ways through which a scorpion can enter your home is through small holes and entrances. Holes in the walls or doors are a perfect point of entry for scorpions. Make sure you check these places at night to catch a scorpion trespassing.

Give Your Home a Complete Check

Scorpions love to hide in the dark and if you think your home is being shared by the most dangerous pest then try to check every corner, closet, cabinet, or enclosed space. It is not only dangerous for them to be too close to you, but they might also group up in a dark area of your home.

In the Grass

Scorpions love to wander at night because they are fond of darkness. If you have a grassy area outside your home or in your backyard, make sure to check it at night. Take a light with you and look for the scorpions in the grass. But be careful, they are venomous and can hurt you; once you find them, try a scorpion control phoenix agency to weed them out.

Warm Places

We often talk about our house being the warmest place or only our house gives us warmth. It is true but who else is taking advantage of this warmth? Yes, the scorpions. Scorpions are attracted to warmth and they’d probably find your house too warm to go elsewhere. Check the hotter parts of your homes to find these dangerous pests.

Hiding Places

If you have debris, lush grass, stacked trash, piles of wood and lumber piles around, in or near your home then you are likely to find scorpions hiding in there. These areas are not only dark but a good hiding place for these pests. Don’t let any trash stack up around your home to avoid scorpion infestation.