Free Inspection for Pest Control in Phoenix AZ

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services has been one of the most respected and reliable companies for pest control in Phoenix AZ. The company has been around in Arizona for the past fifteen years, and has established quite a name with its excellent and professional approach to providing the best pest control services.

They offer the people of Arizona an opportunity to live a pest free life by being accessible 24/7. They are only a call away, and once called in, they don’t stop unless they achieve complete customer satisfaction. Once you call them in, they will know will offer a free inspection visit. During this visit, professional go through the entire area to survey the extent of invasion by the pests. After that, they plan their approach to handling the problem, and provide a concise estimate.

There are different types of pests in Arizona, but the most common ones the team handles include termites, pigeons, bees, rodents and weed. Although most pests don’t cause harm to humans, their presence itself is a nuisance and they cause some form of damage to the building. For instance, termites love wood, and they always find their way to it. They feed on wood and make themselves at home wherever they find enough wood. Likewise, bees love flowers and make their beehive wherever they find the right conditions to breed.

Pigeons are free creatures, but they love living close to humans because they get food from leftovers. Mostly, pigeons don’t cause physical damage to the building, but their presence causes bad odor and a lot of dirt, which can lead to diseases. Rodents also cause a lot of dirt and invade homes causing a lot of discomfort and disturbance among children. This is why, getting rid of them becomes important.

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services prides itself in being the best pest control in Phoenix AZ, and continues to thrive harder towards being the company you recommend to family, neighbors and friends. They cover places throughout Phoenix and extend their services to Greater Valley Area as well.

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services Company has attained the following endorsements:

  • The NPMA certification
  • A+ Rating by Accredited Businesses (BBB)
  • Endorsed by the AACM (Arizona Association Community Managers)

These achievements prove that the techniques and chemical agents the team uses as pesticides are non-hazardous for children, pets and elderly people.

Their free inspection involves surveying both the interior and exterior of the facility. They look for signs of the presence of pests in cracks, crevices, holes and any specific breeding points that the professionals suspect. While they work, they make sure there is minimum exposure to the chemicals they use to minimize the hazards they can cause on pets, children and adults.

Contact them on 480.426.8406, or fill out the form on their website ( and schedule a free inspection and estimate visit.