Does it make sense to have your new build professionally sealed?

As many Valley homeowners are discovering, home sealing is one of the most effective means of pest control here in Phoenix. If your home has struggled in the past with bark scorpions, roaches, or other pests, home sealing may be the long-term answer to keeping them out. Either applied as an independent strategy or combined with other pest control treatments, home sealing is a great fit for every Phoenix home.

This includes new builds. Newly constructed homes here in the Valley can often struggle with pest problems—especially bark scorpions. As we’ll explore in this article, home sealing is a hand-in-glove fit for a new home. We highly recommend that homeowners consider a new build home seal before moving into the property.

New construction means more pests

Here in Phoenix, most new construction is occurring at the fringes of the West and East Valley, where land that was once desert or orchards is being transformed into new subdivisions. This process, inevitably, disturbs the natural landscape and leads to a proliferation of pests.

If you recently built a new home, have our team perform a new build home seal to keep out bark scorpions and other Valley pests.

If you recently built a new home, have our team perform a new build home seal to keep out bark scorpions and other Valley pests.

The population of native, desert-dwelling species—such as bark scorpions and desert subterranean termites—often blossom as soon as homes (food for termites) and other pests (food for scorpions) move in. Human development also means water is now present on the landscape, which provides an ecological niche for roaches, crickets, and other pests. Finally, any new construction occurring near mountains or rocky outcroppings tends to see a greater number of bark scorpions, since this is their native territory.

The end result is that many new build homeowners find their homes inundated by pests in the first few years. The good news is that these problems are preventable with a pest prevention strategy. At its core, this approach should include professional home sealing.

What is home sealing?

Home sealing is the process of systematically closing, blocking, and sealing the entrances pests use to get into your home. An effective home sealing process starts with a pest professional inspecting the property and identifying places where improvements can be made.

In the context of a new build home seal, a newly constructed home likely doesn’t have significant defects—such as a cracked foundation or an air leak around a window frame—that will allow pests easy entry. However, at the same time, it may be far from impervious. New homes may not have sufficient caulking around gaps, weatherstripping around doors, or meshing covering attic weep holes. In other words, there is certainly room for improvement in every home, and new builds are no exception.

Of course, there are some advantages inherent in sealing a new build that is still under construction. The pest control professional has a small window to access pipes, door frames, and other components of the home that might never be accessible again. This allows us to even more effectively seal out pests.

Call us for professional home sealing here in Phoenix

If you are currently constructing a home here in the Valley, we recommend that you have us out to professionally seal it not long after getting the keys. It’s generally easier for us to implement our 21-step, thorough home sealing process when there is no furniture in the home or boxes in the garage. However, if you have already moved in, we can still seal your home.

To learn more about the benefits of home sealing or to schedule your new build home seal, contact us today. Remember: there’s no better time to put together a solid pest prevention and management plan than from the very beginning.

Call our team for Phoenix scorpion control services

Here in the Valley, homeowners are no strangers to centruroides sculpturatus—more commonly known as the Arizona Bark Scorpion. This infamous pest is a major pain—sometimes, quite literally—and many homeowners struggle to get rid of a bark scorpion infestation. In this blog, we’ll provide you with the basics you need to know about this pest and the reasons why you should call us at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite services for Casa Grande and Phoenix scorpion control service.

Call us for Phoenix scorpion control services here in the Valley and Casa Grande.What are these scorpions?

If you’re new to Phoenix, here’s the basics: bark scorpions are anywhere from 5-7 centimeters in length and typically are tan or sand-colored. Like all scorpions, they’re predators, using their senses and their venom-packed sting to hunt down crickets, roaches, and other insects. If you have issues with these pests, it’s also possible that you could have a problem with scorpions down the road, too, since scorpions will follow their prey into Valley homes.

What is their habitat?

Scorpions are nocturnal hunters, which means that they come out at night to hunt their prey. During the day, they want to be out of the sun and away from predators. Some of their preferred urban habitat includes river rock, stacked lumber, landscaping and trees, and—in the case of an infestation—the inside of a home’s walls. Anywhere that is cool and has access to prey and water is a good place for a scorpion to stay.

Why are they such a problem in Phoenix-area homes?

Bark scorpions are survivors. They’re able to squeeze between spaces as thin as 1/16 of an inch—about the width of a credit card. Their exoskeleton is tough, which makes them resistant to most traditional forms of pesticide. Another feature of this species—unique amongst scorpions—is that they are capable of incredible climbing feats. Bark scorpions can climb walls, ceilings, furniture, and many other surfaces.

When do stings occur?

Scorpions typically aren’t aggressive. Most stings occur because of accidental contact initiated by the human—a hand that brushes up against a scorpion on a wall, or a foot that steps on one. Scorpion stings can vary in their intensity: in most cases, a sting causes localized pain and numbness, but more serious conditions can arise from allergic reactions. Children, pets, and the elderly are more likely to experience serious symptoms than healthy adults. That being said, fatalities are extremely rare—in Arizona, only 2 people have died from bark scorpion stings since 1968.

How can I keep scorpions out?

A scorpion infestation requires professional assistance from a team like ours here at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. As the Valley’s premier Phoenix scorpion control services provider, our pest experts have years of experience helping homeowners evict scorpions. Here’s the main points of our strategy:

  • Remove the food source: If your home has scorpions, chances are that it has something they want in the way of food. In most Valley homes, this is a healthy cricket population. We’ll treat your home to remove the pest population, which means there is nothing for the scorpion to eat inside the home.
  • Habitat denial: Next, we’re going to recommend ways to eliminate an easy habitat for scorpions. This will include a yard cleanup that removes debris and wood and methods of reducing the humidity and water used in your yard.
  • Home sealing: In extreme cases where bark scorpions are especially prevalent in the area, we’ll probably recommend a home sealing service from our team, which helps to physically block scorpion entry into the home by sealing windows, around doors, and elsewhere. Remember: scorpions can fit into spaces as wide as a credit card, and they’re great climbers.

What should you do if you spot a scorpion?

One scorpion is reason enough to give our team a call for our Phoenix scorpion control services here in the Valley and Casa Grande. We offer free pest inspections, and we can help you determine what the scope of your scorpion problem is and how to best deal with it.

Choose AZ Best Pest for your commercial pest control in Phoenix

You’ve worked hard to make your business what it is. When pests invade your space, they’re more than just an annoying nuisance: they could be threatening your property or your livelihood. You need a team you can trust with your commercial pest control in Phoenix. It’s time to call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services! No matter what your pest control needs are, we can help. Our technicians do more than just handle pests for your business: we provide businesses and those who run them with peace of mind.

We're your trusted team for commercial pest control in Phoenix.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice for commercial pest control in Phoenix.

Do you suspect you have pests? Whether you’re dealing with roaches in your restaurant or termites in your tenement, start by contacting our team for a free pest inspection here in Phoenix and Casa Grande.

The leading name in commercial pest control in Phoenix

From scorpions and termites to pigeons and roaches, we’ve got you and your business covered. We offer free inspections, so you know what you’re dealing with, and our results come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians treat interiors as well as exteriors.

We’re more than a spray-and-pray pest control company. In contrast, our highly trained and experienced technicians work with you to formulate a battle plan for taking on pests and keeping them out of your business for good. This often involves a well-rounded, multifaceted approach that both removes the current infestation while also putting up barriers to pests returning.

Of course, the safety and comfort of your business, customers, and employees is paramount. That’s why we specialize in a delicate touch that works around your hours and the unique needs of your individual business.

Be proactive when it comes to your pest control

You can try to take care of your pest problem on your own. One problem with that is you don’t have the technology or experience to know if the issue has been fully dealt with; there’s a chance your solution was only a stopgap. The only way to truly handle the issue is to work with professional technicians.

Know that our technicians have been certified by the state, and they have the abundant experience necessary to know how to take care of a variety of pests that can try to move in. We’re highly familiar with treating a variety of commercial sites:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial offices
  • Property management

Give us a call today

If there’s even a possibility your place of business has a pest problem, it’s best to look into it immediately rather than wait, which can result in the issue getting worse. Our company has 20 years of solid experience taking care of Phoenix and Casa Grande’s pest problems, and we’d love to do the same for you.

When you need pest or termite control services here in the Valley, contact our team here at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services by calling us at (480) 986-8500. We’re proud to be your source for commercial pest control in Phoenix!

Here’s why we hire the best pest technicians in the Valley (and Casa Grande!)

When you call us to service your home, you want to know that our pest technicians will take care of you, your home, and your family. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, you know we will value you as a customer because of how we value everyone we employ.

Pictured: Our pest technicians are amongst the best in the Valley.In this blog, we’ll review some of the ways that we treat our employees, and why you should call our pest technicians for your pest control needs.

Why do people love working for us?

At the end of the day, our business is not about a number and a dollar sign. It is about people building lives for their families. Each of our pest technicians is working to create a meaningful life in and around their career.

People love working for Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for many reasons:

  • We prepare our employees for success. With extensive training and support, they are equipped to grow professionally and personally.
  • We offer jobs in Casa Grande, Mesa, and Phoenix.
  • Our compensation is fair and competitive.
  • After 20 years in business, anyone can build a lifelong career with us.

Our technicians take pride in the work they do and the company they work for.

Why should employee satisfaction matter to customers?

Simply put, a company has a personality and habits in the same way people do. When a business treats their employees unfairly, they will not have their clients’ best interests in mind, either. We invest in the success of our staff through training, stability, and support.

This is also an investment in our customers, because happy workers who are well-trained and taken care of will go above-and-beyond for our clients. Our business is like a family. The strong bond between us and our pest control techs, makes us want to take care of each other and work together to make our customers happy.

Schedule your free inspection from our great pest technicians!

At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, we have a deep desire to give the best quality of work to each and every customer. Whether you want your home treated for scorpions, termites, or other pests, we have the most effective tools around.

Get started by scheduling a free pest inspection for your home.

5 facts you should know about the Arizona bark scorpion

Native to the Sonoran Desert, the Arizona bark scorpion is light brown in color and very small. Some homeowners in Arizona may come up against this pest on a regular basis, so it’s important to be educated about scorpions and know when it’s time to contact a professional for help getting rid of them.

Here are Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, we offer free scorpion inspections in the Valley and Casa Grande. If you suspect that you have scorpions, contact our team today!

Things to know about scorpions:

1. They eat other pests around and in your home

The scorpion is in or around your home to eat spiders and insects. They can go days without food but must have access to water regularly to survive.

2. Bark scorpions are nocturnal

This type of scorpion sleeps during the day and is active at night. This doesn’t mean that you won’t see them during the day if you accidentally stumble upon where they are hiding on. They prefer to hide under wood, debris, or rocks outside, and may also make a home in a tree somewhere on your property.

3. They can enter your home easily

The bark scorpion prefers to be outside hiding under rocks and logs, but may enter your house looking for prey in the summer when it’s hot. They get into the home through voids in the walls and can squeeze into tiny spaces.

4. They are easy to find

One of the lesser known facts about Arizona bark scorpion is that they glow in UV light. If you are hunting for scorpions, purchase a blacklight at your local hardware store and watch for them to glow.

5. They can be very dangerous

If you are stung by a scorpion, you could feel acute pain for up to three days. The affected area may also be numb and tingle for a while. Although fatalities are extremely rare, some people report convulsions and allergic reactions to scorpion bites.

Stings from the bark scorpion are extremely painful, and children and pets are more likely to experience life-threatening problems from them. If you or someone close to you has been bit by a scorpion, it’s a good idea to seek medical attention.

Call us for to schedule a free inspection

At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, we know all about scorpions, how they enter homes, and—most importantly—how to remove them safely. Contact us today to schedule a consultation

It’s spring, and it’s time to get ready for Phoenix summer pests

It’s been yet another beautiful winter here in Phoenix. But, all good things must come to an end: a hot summer is on the way, and will be here sooner than you think. The same is true for all the pests that come out of the literal and figurative woodwork as the weather warms up. It’s time to get ready for Phoenix summer pests.

From cockroaches and ants to crickets and bark scorpions, hot weather is an invitation for pests to come out into your home. If you’re seeing evidence of Phoenix summer pests awakening for the season, contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for a free pest inspection.

What pests become more active in the summer?

In a previous blog post, we discussed some winter pests that are active here in the Valley when temperatures drop. Here are the big three pests to look out for in the late spring and summer:

Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions, for example, overwinter in groups. It’s not impossible to see a scorpion in the winter, but it’s less likely: these scorpions are less active when the weather gets colder. In fact, when homeowners do encounter bark scorpions, it’s because they stumble across a group of them huddled together for warmth.

When the weather warms, scorpions begin to stir and become more active. By the time summer rolls around, they’re actively searching for prey around your home and property.


Just like bark scorpions, roaches are more active during the summer. If you’ve had issues with roaches, you’ll see more of them as the weather warms and they become more active. It’s time for you to call in the pros at Arizona’s Best Pest for help with these Phoenix summer pests.


Ants, too, are active in the summer, heading out of their colonies in search of food. When they arrive in your home in the late spring, it’s time to call us and have us treat for ants in your home.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice for your Phoenix summer pest control

These three aren’t the only pests that are active during the summer. It’s worth noting that many pests “associated” with the winter, such as termites and bed bugs, are still active and problematic in the summer. As a homeowner, it’s best to stay alert and aware, especially when it comes to termites.

If you suspect you have pests in your home, give Arizona’s Best Choice a call to schedule your free pest pest inspection. One of our certified, expert techs will inspect your home to see if, and where, pests are hiding. If pests are found, we’ll recommend a treatment.

Contact us today to get started, or give us a call at (480) 986-8500.

Arizona Bark Scorpion: Here’s what you need to know about this pest

The Arizona bark scorpion is well known for its venomous sting. The sting of the bark scorpion can be very dangerous, particularly for children and seniors.

They are common in the hot, desert climate of central Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix metro area. They are most common in the summer.

Arizona bark scorpions are a dangerous nuisance around the house. In this article, we will provide information about these scorpions, and the steps you can do to remove the threat from around the house.

We offer a free scorpion inspection here in the Valley and Casa Grande.

Pictured: A bark scorpion on the hunt.

Get to know the Arizona bark scorpion

Arizona bark scorpions generally grow to a size of up to 3 inches long. They’re not the largest scorpion around, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re still more dangerous than many larger scorpion species.

They are generally brownish-yellow in color and feature dark, lengthwise bands. Unlike some other types of scorpions, the bark scorpions have thick lobster-like pincers. The pincers of the scorpions are elaborate in size while the tail is slender with a sting at the end.

In the wild, Arizona bark scorpions are usually found under crevices, rocks, and in trees. However, sometimes they also make their home indoors, particularly in the drawers, tubs, sinks, and cabinets. They are active at night and generally ambush their prey. As predators, they hunt roaches, crickets, and other insects.

Bark scorpions can climb

Unique to scorpions, Arizona bark scorpions are capable climbers, and can even hang upside down from a ceiling. They can climb walls and other objects having rough surfaces. However, they cannot climb smooth surfaces such as the glass.

That’s led to an old Arizonan DIY trick of putting the legs of baby’s cribs in glass mason jars, so that scorpions cannot climb into the crib. (Personally, we’d rather just take steps to get rid of the scorpions!)

A painful sting

Bark scorpions tend to prefer areas with access to prey and water. They prefer to hide and run. They’re not aggressive by default toward humans, but they can attack when they feel threatened or cornered.

The sting of the bark scorpion is painful. Symptoms include numbness in the affected area, difficult breathing, frothing at the mouth, muscle twitching, and possibly convulsions. Allergic individuals are especially at risk.

While the Arizona bark scorpion is considered potentially deadly, there have been very few deaths in Arizona from a bark scorpion since data began being tracked in the 1960s.

How to detect and remove a bark scorpion infestation

Bark scorpions tend to slip between tiny cracks inside the foundation of the house (This is one of the reasons that home sealing is an effective deterrent to scorpion entry). Other hiding places include kitchen cabinets, spaces under the cabinets, shelves, and closets.

Bark scorpions have another unique property: they glow brightly when exposed to UV light, such as that from a common blacklight. This means they’re easy to spot at night in a dark room.

An experienced scorpion control professional can make a thorough investigation to detect bark scorpions inside the home. If a scorpion is found, the professional will try to catch the scorpion while wearing the protective gloves and clothing.

The pest control professional can also use a spray in hard-to-reach places where the scorpions might be hiding. They can also eliminate the food source of the scorpions such as spiders and crickets from the house to get rid of the scorpion problem for good.

Give our team a call

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services can provide you with experienced and trusted professionals who can get rid of bark scorpions in Arizona. The professionals can detect the presence of the scorpion inside the house, and get rid of the threat in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

Contact Us

to schedule your free scorpion inspection.

Summer is the season for bugs—and pest control

Phoenicians have a lot to dread when summer rolls around. It’s the end of the Sonoran Desert’s beautiful weather, and temperatures begin to creep up into the triple digits. It’s the start of hot “grill-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk” days. Unfortunately, the heat also tends to bring out every insect conceivable. Arizona summers are officially scorpion season.

Don’t panic. While AZ Best Choice Pest Control can’t do much about the heat outside, we can help keep the pests confined outside of your home. Give us a call to schedule your free pest inspection from central Arizona’s pest control experts.

Scorpion Control PhoenixWhy do pests love summer so much?

Many different pests are less active in the winter. Creatures such as roaches and crickets enter your home seeking both food and water. In the summer, there is more competition for both, and other predators are present that chase them into your home.

During the winter, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, for example, enters hibernation. Joining about thirty other scorpions for warmth, these pests will find a warm place to nest for the season, and then emerge again in the summer. That’s not to say that you won’t find a stray scorpion here-or-there between September and April. It’s just not peak season.

What kind of pests can I expect to see in the summer?

Here are some of Arizona’s most notorious summer visitors:

  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Bark Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Mosquitos
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Termites (late summer, during the monsoon)

What’s effective at stopping insects?

The technicians at AZ Best Pest use a powerful, advanced treatment known as Demand CS. It’s 200 times more powerful than a store-bought pesticide, and it doesn’t break down under the strain of UV rays or when hit by rain. In fact, this treatment can bar insects from your home for an entire season.

How can I deal with scorpions in my home?

Give AZ Best Pest a call, and we will schedule a free home inspection with you to identify where scorpions may be hiding and how they can be dealt with. Unlike other pests, insecticides do not impact scorpions as much, beyond making them more sluggish and restrained in their movements. However, effective pest control that kills off the scorpion’s food supply of crickets, ants, and roaches in your home will also deter scorpions from entering, as will blocking their easy pathways.

az pest control 2What can I do for a better defense?

If you’re ready to stop the onslaught of pests that starts in May, talk to AZ Best Pest about our 21-step home sealing program. This process involves us inspecting your home and then sealing off all common entry points to the inside, such as doors, windows, and vents. For those who are truly serious about denying pests entry, combining a home seal with regular pest control and pest-prevention techniques will likely get the job done.

Who should I call?

When the heat is on—and so are the bugs—call AZ Best Choice Pest Control. We provide service to both the Phoenix metro area and Casa Grande. Our trained and experienced technicians have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done and kick insects and other pests out of your home. Schedule your free inspection with us today!

Effective Scorpion Control In Arizona

Did you know the area in which you live (Phoenix, Arizona) has the largest number of scorpions present in whole Arizona? Yeah that’s right. According to the research done by Arizona State University there are approximately 7000 scorpion sting reported from Phoenix as they mapped the areas according to zip codes to find out the areas having largest presence of scorpions. Well that’s scary! You would probably know that’s true, as you encounter with many of them in everyday life. Some people think that’s easy to control scorpions by use of pesticides. Yeah, I also consider this statement to be true to some extent, but do you know about the effects which those pesticides would bring? Most of you don’t, even some will cry PFFT! “I don’t care as long as pesticides are killing those creepy pests”. Well you should care. It is the matter of your own safety & for this purpose it is recommended that you should hire a professional to do that job.
scorpion control phoenix

Why hire a professionals?
Why you should hire a professional? First of all you can harm yourself as you don’t know the consequences of where should pesticide be or not be sprayed. Pesticides are strong toxic materials. They should be dealt with immense care. Secondly you can never match the quality which you will gain by hiring a professional for the job of pest control. They know what they are doing. You will be surprised from the way they work. For example, did you know that scorpions mostly move out of their habitat during nights for the purpose of prey? If yes then it’s good enough, but how are you supposed to find out in which places they are hiding, even during night, if they plan not to move out of their habitats on that particular night? These are the question of which professionals know the answers to. Let me tell you professionals will use ultra violet lights to capture them, as scorpions or any other kind of pests for that matter, will not be able to hide themselves under those UV lights. This is one of many advantages that you will gain by hiring a professional. Seriously they know much better than you about their job & if you will try to do their job without them, there can be serious consequences to deal with, so professionals are a must for scorpion control in Phoenix!

Killing is not the only way to exterminate scorpions.
Did you know, fungal infections are the source of loss of 30% of crops all over the world? Yeah. Unfortunately that is true. So it is immensely important to develop new kind of fungicides, & did you know scorpions have an advantage for crops? Yeah that’s also true. They have a major advantage as they are used for control of fungal parasites. According to the researchers, the venom of scorpion can be used as fungicide, as it is used to save the scorpion itself from the growth of fungal parasites. So, why kill the scorpions if we can give their lives a purpose? Yeah we shouldn’t. Instead of using pesticides to get rid of them, call professional pest control people who will, instead of killing those creepy creatures, get a benefit out of them. Apart from having benefits from agricultural point of view, there are few other researches being carried out on venom of scorpion to find out cures to different diseases which include Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, heart diseases etc. It is also said that as a result of some researches, that venom of scorpions can help in prevention of cancer cells from passing. However it is too early to say it with certainty. The point is constant research is being done on the venom of scorpion & they are needed for this purpose. Alive. So capturing them instead of killing them will carry huge advantages so that further research should be carried on.
scorpion control phoenix

Some useful ways to prevent yourself from scorpions after being cleared out.
It is easy to understand that even professionals don’t have magic wand from which they would be able to exterminate all the scorpions of your area all-together. We give our customers some pieces of advice so that they may be able to prevent themselves from scorpion danger in future. Firstly you should see the places that harbor scorpions & you should apply preventive measures. For example, scorpions can be found underneath almost anything including firewood, dog houses, umbrellas, old roll of rugs in yard etc. So you should do your best to keep your house as tidy ad possible. As explained earlier scorpions wander around for prey mostly during night time. So make a common practice not to leave a doorway opened at night otherwise you would be inviting them yourself. Don’t leave the doorway opened whether you leave them opened for your pets or some pleasant weather, besides scorpions it is not a good habit anyway. There are several appliances in the home such as a dryer or gas fireplace that has vents leading to the outside. Make sure you properly apply wired mesh around those vents so that scorpions don’t find a way to enter in to the home apart from having so many preventive measures.
scorpion control phoenix

Why us?
Now the matter is how to choose who is best to do this job. There are so many companies who offer pest control, but you are seeking for the best, aren’t you? Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services is the company you are looking for. Certainly you will prefer the people having more experience, over those inexperienced people who are found in large numbers in the market. Arizona Pest Control being the best scorpion control in Phoenix are in the market for past 15 years & the most valuable thing they got is their satisfied customers. We are not only relieving you from these creepy crawlers but also helping the humanity as we provide these creatures for research purposes. Having certified & highly trained staff we are sure that no one is not even near enough to beat us in our work.

Here are the 8 most common summer pests here in Phoenix

What crosses your mind when you think of summers here in Phoenix? Maybe it’s the endless pool parties, the 3 months when the kids are out of school, the yummy summer snacks and drinks, or perhaps it is your strategy for not getting burned by the seat belt in your oven of a car. What about summer pests, though? Yuck.

Unfortunately, pest control is one of those tedious chores we tend to think about after the fact, and while the intense summer heat might take a damper on our lifestyle, there are many summer pests that are as active as ever in the summertime.

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is one of the most-common and feared summer pests here in Phoenix.Some of them are very harmful and some are just bothersome. Either way, it is good to know what pests to keep your eye out for this summer and how to be preventative when it comes to summer pest control.

Here are the 7 most-common summer pests here in Phoenix

#1. Scorpions

It is no wonder this little creepy crawly made it to the top of our list. The bark scorpion is one of those famous pests we have here in Arizona- lucky us! Even though they are not one of those pests that look scary, they are dangerous. They will cause harm, and you should take whatever precautions necessary to avoid these little guys at ALL COSTS!

Sorry if that is a frightening reality, but if you have ever been stung by a scorpion, you know the pain they can cause. In young children or elderly people, they can cause much more than pain, an agonizing scorpion sting can actually cause severe physical symptoms and in extreme cases, it can potentially even be fatal. It is important to take necessary precautions to keep your home scorpion-free this summer!

#2. Tarantulas

There are around 30 different species of tarantulas in Arizona, and during monsoon season they become very active! They are venomous and will bite, but only if extremely aggravated and provoked to do so. During summer nights, you may see tarantulas wondering around the desert. As far as venomous spiders go, they are considered a gentile species and if left alone, will not cause harm.

#3. Ticks

The most common species of ticks in Arizona is the Brown Dog Tick. As their name would suggest, they are found to be most harmful to dogs. While dogs are preferable to these ticks, if a k-9 cannot be found, the ticks will feed on other animals and even humans. Brown Dog Ticks enjoy being around the Oleander Bushes that are commonly found throughout Arizona. Make sure to get preventative tick treatment for your pets this summer to keep these little blood-suckers away.

#4. Ants

These little pests are scavengers and can destroy a fun family picnic in no time at all! Since their attraction to food is so strong, within a matter of minutes of spilling food or a drink on the floor, you could find yourself with a collection of ants that was not there just a few minutes prior. While these tiny pests have food on their minds, they do have a painful little bite! Take precautions to keep food, drinks and other items such as dog or cat food picked up and stored away, so ants will pass up on your house and head to the next one!

#5. Bees

We largely begin to see a problem with wasps and bees in the mid to late spring, but continues throughout the summer. Bee attacks in Arizona have seem to become more and more frequent. These attacks are caused by the Africanized Honeybees here in Arizona that are know to be more territorial and aggressive, with little to no provocation.

It is important to know what to do, should you find yourself in the middle of a bee attack. Use caution and stay on the look out in trees and bushes where a colony resides.

#6. Cockroaches

These yucky little pests LOVE summertime in Arizona, and will quickly invade your home if you are not careful. Since sewers and storm drains are typically their breeding ground of choice, when it rains, they look for shelter. They do not need much room to squeeze inside an area only about 1/16th of an inch (about the width of a credit card.)

Cockroaches will avoid homes that have been treated for pests; but those that have not, are prime targets. Once they are inside, they will munch down on any and everything. Our suggestion is to get your home treated, especially before monsoon season sets in.

#7. Crickets

While the sweet hum of a cricket chirping at night may lull you to sleep, that chirping should be cause for concern. Where there are crickets, there will be scorpions. A little cricket is like a delicacy at a 5 star restaurant for a scorpion.

One technique for keeping scorpions away from your home during the summer is by eliminating their food source, and crickets make a perfect meal for a hungry scorpion!

#8. Spiders

There are a wide variety of spiders in Arizona, some harmful and some not. Spiders will typically form their webs outdoors. You will, often times, see them around your patio furniture, outdoor toys & equipment, and underneath that shady umbrella.

Avoid taking outside items into your house because you never really know if a spider or another type of pest could be hitching a ride into your home. When it comes to spiders this summer, always err on the side of caution. Should spiders become a large problem in or around your home, make sure to talk with a professional about your pest control options.

We offer preventative pest services for all seasons

When it comes to summer pests, its good to take a preventative approach. Since so many pests are still active during these hot summer months, you want to make sure and take the proper steps to keep your family, pets and home, safe.

Look for a quality pest control company to seek advice from and discuss your concerns when it comes to pest control this summer. Our team at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services will even give you a free inspection of your home to give you a better sense of what can be done about your summer pests.

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