Arizona Bark Scorpion: Here’s what you need to know about this pest

Scorpion Control 101The Arizona bark scorpion is well known for its poisonous sting. The sting of the bark scorpion can be very dangerous, particularly for children and seniors.

They are common in the hot, desert climate of central Arizona, particularly in the Phoenix metro area.

Arizona bark scorpions are a dangerous nuisance around the house. In this article, we will provide information about these scorpions, and the steps you can do to remove the threat from around the house.

We offer a free scorpion inspection.

Get to know the Arizona bark scorpion

Arizona bark scorpions generally grow to a size of up to 3 inches long. They’re not the largest scorpion around, but don’t let their size fool you. They’re still more dangerous than many larger scorpion species.

They are generally brownish-yellow in color and feature dark, lengthwise bands. Unlike some other types of scorpions, the bark scorpions have thick lobster-like pincers. The pincers of the scorpions are elaborate in size while the tail is slender with a sting at the end.

In the wild, Arizona bark scorpions are usually found under crevices, rocks, and in trees. However, sometimes they also make their home indoors, particularly in the drawers, tubs, sinks, and cabinets. They are active at night and generally ambush their prey. As predators, they hunt roaches, crickets, and other insects.

Bark scorpions can climb

Unique to scorpions, Arizona bark scorpions are capable climbers, and can even hang upside down from a ceiling. They can climb walls and other objects having rough surfaces. However, they cannot climb smooth surfaces such as the glass.

That’s led to an old Arizonan DIY trick of putting the legs of baby’s cribs in glass mason jars, so that scorpions cannot climb into the crib. (Personally, we’d rather just take steps to get rid of the scorpions!)

A painful sting

Bark scorpions tend to prefer areas with access to prey and water. They prefer to hide and run. They’re not aggressive by default toward humans, but they can attack when they feel threatened or cornered.

The sting of the bark scorpion is painful. Symptoms include numbness in the affected area, difficult breathing, frothing at the mouth, muscle twitching, and possibly convulsions. Allergic individuals are especially at risk.

While the Arizona bark scorpion is considered potentially deadly, there have been very few deaths in Arizona from a bark scorpion since data began being tracked in the 1960s.

How to detect and remove a bark scorpion infestation

Bark scorpions tend to slip between tiny cracks inside the foundation of the house. Other hiding places include kitchen cabinets, spaces under the cabinets, shelves, and closets.

Bark scorpions have another unique property: they glow brightly when exposed to UV light, such as that from a common blacklight. This means they’re easy to spot at night in a dark room.

An experienced scorpion control professional can make a thorough investigation to detect bark scorpions inside the home. If a scorpion is found, the professional will try to catch the scorpion while wearing the protective gloves and clothing.

The pest control professional can also use a spray in hard-to-reach places where the scorpions might be hiding. They can also eliminate the food source of the scorpions such as spiders and crickets from the house to get rid of the scorpion problem for good.

Give our team a call

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services can provide you with experienced and trusted professionals who can get rid of bark scorpions in Arizona. The professionals can detect the presence of the scorpion inside the house, and get rid of the threat in an environmentally friendly and safe manner.

Contact us to schedule your free scorpion inspection.

Summer is the season for bugs—and pest control

Phoenicians have a lot to dread when summer rolls around. It’s the end of the Sonoran Desert’s beautiful weather, and temperatures begin to creep up into the triple digits. It’s the start of hot “grill-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk” days. Unfortunately, the heat also tends to bring out every insect conceivable. Arizona summers are officially scorpion season.

Don’t panic. While AZ Best Choice Pest Control can’t do much about the heat outside, we can help keep the pests confined outside of your home. Give us a call to schedule your free pest inspection from central Arizona’s pest control experts.

Scorpion Control PhoenixWhy do pests love summer so much?

Many different pests are less active in the winter. Creatures such as roaches and crickets enter your home seeking both food and water. In the summer, there is more competition for both, and other predators are present that chase them into your home.

During the winter, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, for example, enters hibernation. Joining about thirty other scorpions for warmth, these pests will find a warm place to nest for the season, and then emerge again in the summer. That’s not to say that you won’t find a stray scorpion here-or-there between September and April. It’s just not peak season.

What kind of pests can I expect to see in the summer?

Here are some of Arizona’s most notorious summer visitors:

  • Cockroaches
  • Crickets
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Bark Scorpions
  • Silverfish
  • Mosquitos
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Termites (late summer, during the monsoon)

What’s effective at stopping insects?

The technicians at AZ Best Pest use a powerful, advanced treatment known as Demand CS. It’s 200 times more powerful than a store-bought pesticide, and it doesn’t break down under the strain of UV rays or when hit by rain. In fact, this treatment can bar insects from your home for an entire season.

How can I deal with scorpions in my home?

Give AZ Best Pest a call, and we will schedule a free home inspection with you to identify where scorpions may be hiding and how they can be dealt with. Unlike other pests, insecticides do not impact scorpions as much, beyond making them more sluggish and restrained in their movements. However, effective pest control that kills off the scorpion’s food supply of crickets, ants, and roaches in your home will also deter scorpions from entering, as will blocking their easy pathways.

az pest control 2What can I do for a better defense?

If you’re ready to stop the onslaught of pests that starts in May, talk to AZ Best Pest about our 21-step home sealing program. This process involves us inspecting your home and then sealing off all common entry points to the inside, such as doors, windows, and vents. For those who are truly serious about denying pests entry, combining a home seal with regular pest control and pest-prevention techniques will likely get the job done.

Who should I call?

When the heat is on—and so are the bugs—call AZ Best Choice Pest Control. We provide service to both the Phoenix metro area and Casa Grande. Our trained and experienced technicians have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done and kick insects and other pests out of your home. Schedule your free inspection with us today!

Effective Scorpion Control In Arizona

Did you know the area in which you live (Phoenix, Arizona) has the largest number of scorpions present in whole Arizona? Yeah that’s right. According to the research done by Arizona State University there are approximately 7000 scorpion sting reported from Phoenix as they mapped the areas according to zip codes to find out the areas having largest presence of scorpions. Well that’s scary! You would probably know that’s true, as you encounter with many of them in everyday life. Some people think that’s easy to control scorpions by use of pesticides. Yeah, I also consider this statement to be true to some extent, but do you know about the effects which those pesticides would bring? Most of you don’t, even some will cry PFFT! “I don’t care as long as pesticides are killing those creepy pests”. Well you should care. It is the matter of your own safety & for this purpose it is recommended that you should hire a professional to do that job.
scorpion control phoenix

Why hire a professionals?
Why you should hire a professional? First of all you can harm yourself as you don’t know the consequences of where should pesticide be or not be sprayed. Pesticides are strong toxic materials. They should be dealt with immense care. Secondly you can never match the quality which you will gain by hiring a professional for the job of pest control. They know what they are doing. You will be surprised from the way they work. For example, did you know that scorpions mostly move out of their habitat during nights for the purpose of prey? If yes then it’s good enough, but how are you supposed to find out in which places they are hiding, even during night, if they plan not to move out of their habitats on that particular night? These are the question of which professionals know the answers to. Let me tell you professionals will use ultra violet lights to capture them, as scorpions or any other kind of pests for that matter, will not be able to hide themselves under those UV lights. This is one of many advantages that you will gain by hiring a professional. Seriously they know much better than you about their job & if you will try to do their job without them, there can be serious consequences to deal with, so professionals are a must for scorpion control in Phoenix!

Killing is not the only way to exterminate scorpions.
Did you know, fungal infections are the source of loss of 30% of crops all over the world? Yeah. Unfortunately that is true. So it is immensely important to develop new kind of fungicides, & did you know scorpions have an advantage for crops? Yeah that’s also true. They have a major advantage as they are used for control of fungal parasites. According to the researchers, the venom of scorpion can be used as fungicide, as it is used to save the scorpion itself from the growth of fungal parasites. So, why kill the scorpions if we can give their lives a purpose? Yeah we shouldn’t. Instead of using pesticides to get rid of them, call professional pest control people who will, instead of killing those creepy creatures, get a benefit out of them. Apart from having benefits from agricultural point of view, there are few other researches being carried out on venom of scorpion to find out cures to different diseases which include Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, heart diseases etc. It is also said that as a result of some researches, that venom of scorpions can help in prevention of cancer cells from passing. However it is too early to say it with certainty. The point is constant research is being done on the venom of scorpion & they are needed for this purpose. Alive. So capturing them instead of killing them will carry huge advantages so that further research should be carried on.
scorpion control phoenix

Some useful ways to prevent yourself from scorpions after being cleared out.
It is easy to understand that even professionals don’t have magic wand from which they would be able to exterminate all the scorpions of your area all-together. We give our customers some pieces of advice so that they may be able to prevent themselves from scorpion danger in future. Firstly you should see the places that harbor scorpions & you should apply preventive measures. For example, scorpions can be found underneath almost anything including firewood, dog houses, umbrellas, old roll of rugs in yard etc. So you should do your best to keep your house as tidy ad possible. As explained earlier scorpions wander around for prey mostly during night time. So make a common practice not to leave a doorway opened at night otherwise you would be inviting them yourself. Don’t leave the doorway opened whether you leave them opened for your pets or some pleasant weather, besides scorpions it is not a good habit anyway. There are several appliances in the home such as a dryer or gas fireplace that has vents leading to the outside. Make sure you properly apply wired mesh around those vents so that scorpions don’t find a way to enter in to the home apart from having so many preventive measures.
scorpion control phoenix

Why us?
Now the matter is how to choose who is best to do this job. There are so many companies who offer pest control, but you are seeking for the best, aren’t you? Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services is the company you are looking for. Certainly you will prefer the people having more experience, over those inexperienced people who are found in large numbers in the market. Arizona Pest Control being the best scorpion control in Phoenix are in the market for past 15 years & the most valuable thing they got is their satisfied customers. We are not only relieving you from these creepy crawlers but also helping the humanity as we provide these creatures for research purposes. Having certified & highly trained staff we are sure that no one is not even near enough to beat us in our work.

Keeping your Phoenix, Arizona Home Scorpion-Free

Living in Arizona, you have had to learn to become uncomfortably familiar with scorpions. If you have ever had to endure the agonizing pain of a scorpion sting, you know just how dangerous these insects are! Especially for children and elderly, scorpion stings can cause serious physical problems. Not only are their stings dangerous and scary, but once you’ve survived a scorpion sting, you will always be on the look-out, and will loose a sense of safety when in your own home. It’s important that Arizona residents learn about specific behaviors of scorpions in order to learn how to best control them.


Scorpions in Arizona

The most common species of scorpion you will see in Arizona, is the Bark Scorpion. Unfortunately, this little pest is also one of the most dangerous types in the world. They pack a powerful sting, and unlike bees do not die afterwards. Here are some common behaviors of these scorpions that are important to know to keep yourself safe.

These Bark Scorpions are found throughout the entire southwest. The Sonoran Desert is the best environment for them to thrive in! They are very sensitive to light, so during the day, they find clever places to hide that are shady and dark. These dark places will include any shady areas you have in your home including your shoes, towels, clothes and beds! Scorpions are always looking for water, so you will commonly see them in sinks or near a water source.

They like to come out at night and do their hunting. Typically the Arizona Bark Scorpion lives off of other insects like crickets and roaches. They are very resilient and can become aggressive when they feel threatened, which often times leads to those nasty stings when humans come in contact with them by accident.

Scorpion Stings

Being stung by a scorpion is a painful experience. And since most scorpions like to hide out of site, and are often times hard to spot, these stings can happen at any time, making it even more scary to be sharing your home with these creepy crawlies. Most scorpion stings occur on hands and feet, when a person is walking around with out shoes or grabbing for something when they encounter a scorpion. Most people commonly experience pain, swelling, numbness, and some redness, while others who are allergic could demonstrate more sever symptoms such as vomiting, difficulty breathing, and twitching of the neck, head, and eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms you should seek medical help right away, as the Arizona Bark Scorpion’s venom is extremely toxic and stings should be taken very seriously.

How to Avoid Scorpions

If you live in Arizona long enough, you will more than likely encounter a scorpion whether in your own home, at work, or a friend or family members house. However, you are not going to see the EVERY day, and you shouldn’t have to be worried about getting stung by a scorpion every time you slip your foot into your shoe. It’s important to simply be aware that they are around. Here are a few tips to help you avoid scorpions in your home.


  • Seal openings– Scorpions can slip into your home through a space as thin as a credit card! Make sure all of the openings around doors and windows are tightly sealed.
  • Clean the Clutter– In the daytime, scorpions around your house will find shade in rocks, wood piles, and debris around your home. Make sure to keep the area around your home clear eliminating places for them to hide.
  • Eliminate their Food Source– Knowing that scorpions like to feed on crickets, roaches and other insects, eliminate their food source with general pest control measures. Without anything to eat, they’ll likely leave your home alone.
  • Clean the Corners– Clean in the areas of your home that are typically avoided such as under furniture, in corners, and behind large items. Also, keep clothes and shoes picked up off the floor, this is often the perfect hiding spot for hiding.
  • Protect those Toes– Slip some flip flops on before walking around at night. Since scorpions hunt at night, this is the time you will typically find them crawling across your floors.
  • NO Towels on the Floor– Throwing your damp towels on the bathroom floor is just asking for trouble! A cold, damp, dark place is the PERFECT resting spot for a scorpion.
  • Scorpion Hunting– Get a black light and put on your scorpion hunting hat. After dark, take a walk around your home shining the light into all of the corners, cracks, and crevices. The scorpions will glow bright green, making them easy to spot and eliminate. Go ahead and take a walk on the inside of your house too- just in case.
  • Call the Pros– Seek help from the professionals. Unfortunately, because scorpions are SO resilient, they do not respond to regular pesticides, but rest assured that a professional pest control company with experience in scorpion control can help!

Professional Scorpion Control

A professional pest control company can help give you quality options for controlling your scorpion problem in Phoenix, AZ. These would include eliminating the food source with a general pest control treatment, a home sealing service to keep those nasty scorpions outdoors, and applying a scorpion control product outside your home on a regular basis to prevent scorpions from getting inside!


Finding the Best Pest Control Company in Arizona

Before hiring a pest control company to help you control the scorpions around your home, it’s important to do your research! Not all pest control companies are created equal, especially in Arizona where there are about a million options to choose from. It is important to choose a company that has been in business for many years, showing that they have experience and have produced great results for their customers. Also, look for a company with certified technicians. Certified technicians will have the most knowledge to help with whatever pest problem you might have. Do your research, and choose a company that will genuinely help you control the scorpions in your home to keep your family safe. For the very best pest control in Phoenix, Arizona, give us a call at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. It would be our pleasure to help you get rid of those scorpions!



Scorpion Control In Phoenix: A Necessary Safety Precaution!

Have you ever had a bone chilling experience with a scorpion? Ever had a face to face encounter with a scorpion poised with a ready sting to attack you? If you have been unfortunate enough to stumble upon a living scorpion in your house, then, consider it as the day you need immediate professional help for scorpion control in Phoenix. AZ pest control offers professional services to help safeguard your property against a full blown infestation.

Scorpions- A Deadly Arthropod Not To Be Handled By An Amateur!

Scorpions- A Deadly Arthropod Not To Be Handled By An Amateur!In the state of Arizona, it is quite a common occurrence to stumble upon a scorpion in your backyard or garage, as these predators seek prey in dark corners and hide under different things. But you shouldn’t take scorpions in your backyard as easy as if there were ants in your home. Scorpions mean serious business and it is essential that you take the sighting of a scorpion in your garage, as a prelude to war!

Don’t think that scorpions will not be able to infiltrate your home. They don’t need to know rocket science to creep into your living room from your garage. Remember they are predatory arthropods, who live searching for prey. You definitely don’t want to be their next victim, do you?

So to avoid the horrifying experience of watching your child swinging a dead scorpion in their hand, or rescuing your little one from a deadly scorpion in your home, just opt for the services of an experienced and efficient scorpion control service provider and ensure personal safety.

Oh, and if you are thinking of handling these dangerous things by yourself, then it is a very bad decision! remember, being predators, scorpions are wily beings that know all the survival techniques, so if you think that you can swap them like a fly, think again! There are more chances of you getting stung in the scorpion hunt, than of you emerging victorious with a deadly scorpion body to show for it!

So leave it to the professionals.

Scorpio Stings- A Venomous And Painful Attack Instrument

The sting that the scorpion arranges in a striking position is not only a device to scare you away. It is in fact a deadly instrument which can cause you much pain and suffering, if ever you fall a victim to it.

Scorpions store a considerable amount of toxins in their body which they release through the stinger at the end of the tail, to attack and paralyze their victims. If ever you have the misfortune to get stung by a scorpion, you are likely to feel a numbing sensation and great pain in and around the affected area.

While most scorpion stings are not venomous, some of these arthropods have been found to be dangerous for humans. Immediate medical care is required for the health of the victim, to avoid any dangerous and long lasting effects on the body.

So, the next time you see a scorpion lurking around your garage, rush to the phone and call an efficient scorpion control service in town. Don’t delay!



Scorpion Control Arizona: Win the Battle

Scorpion Control Arizona Win the BattleHave you been living under constant threat from scorpions around your house? Have you had an accidental encounter with a scorpion in or around your home and felt threatened for the safety of your children and pets? If your answer to any of these is yes, then you need to call for help from the best scorpion control Arizona Company.

The team at Arizona’s Best Choice & Termite Services has an experience of twenty years in dealing with scorpions and other pests in Arizona. Over the years, they have mastered the art of spotting these rodents, targeting them and their breeding grounds near your home. They also know how to eliminate their threat and win the battle by keeping them away for at least two years.

They Know Where Scorpions Lurk

When the team comes over for a free inspection, they check your property thoroughly and ensure that scorpions are not present in placed that are ideal for breeding. These usually include places like:

  • Light fixtures
  • Old lumber
  • Under bricks
  • In soiled shoes and dirty clothing
  • Garbage
  • Storage boxes
  • Channels and wall openings
  • Under leaves and bark
  • In decaying organic waste
  • In gardens
  • Under potted plants

They know about Scorpions

The team at this scorpion control Arizona Company has detailed insight into their habits and they understand how they pose a threat to people. Scorpions are close to ticks, mites and spiders. They are desert creatures, and love areas that have pine forests, deciduous forests, rain forests, grasslands and caves. In Arizona alone, there are more than 40-60 species lurking around.

They get to human settlements in search of shelter, food and water. They are patient and lie in hiding waiting for their prey. However, sometimes, they find their way into our homes and this can be a major threat. When they encounter humans, whom they sense as a potential threat they tend to attack in self-defense. This can be a big problem if you have children or pets in the house. Usually, people have allergies to the venom and this can be a serious threat to ones’ life.

If you are sure the scorpion stung you or someone, call the Banner Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222. However, you can prevent accidents and scorpion-proof your home by calling the team at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. They will provide the best scorpion control Arizona can provide.

Once the team inspects and eliminates the threat of scorpions, you will be free and safe for at least two years. Their inspectors will continue to visit your home to make sure the scorpions don’t return too soon. More than seven thousand people trust Arizona’s Best Choice & Termite Services, and so can you. Call them to get a free inspection now!

Assisting You with Scorpion Control: Phoenix Services

Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona, which is why it has a large population; in fact, it has the largest population in the U.S. Its geographical location is southwest of the U.S. and it lies in the south-central part of Arizona. On one side lies Tucson (on the south), and on the other side lies Flagstaff (north). Most people call Phoenix the ‘Valley of the Sun,’ because of its location, which is within the confines of the Salt River Valley.

Phoenix has mountains surrounding it on the north and west side, which means that, Phoenix is rich in greenery. The climate is usually warm, there is significant rainfall, and there is snowfall during winter. These features make Phoenix one of the perfect breeding grounds for pests like scorpions. This is why the scorpion control Phoenix team is becoming famous.

Scorpions are usually harmless, unless you get into their way and annoy them. They mind their business and prefer staying away from human contact. However, in search of food and a better place to breed they come out from their hiding place and mistakenly get into homes.

When this happens, they might get comfortable and want to stick around permanently. If this happens, there can be risky consequences that will be life threatening for you and anyone living with you. The tricky part is that most scorpions are tiny enough to slip away without us noticing them sneaking around corners in the house. If you or your children mistakenly offend the scorpion while it is busy finding its way, it gets defensive and attacks.

The scorpion sting is very lethal, and at times even deadly. It pains a lot and needs medical attention immediately. To avoid all this from happening, you need to dedicate some time out of your busy schedule and ensure that your home is free of entry points for scorpions. If you have a backyard with a lot of plants and boulders, or large stones, make sure you look out for scorpions. Get rid of unnecessary stones.

You need to know about places where they might be lingering. Check in places like the garbage, storage boxes, old lumber, if you idle bricks lying, check soiled shoes and cloths, openings in walls, potted plants, and light fixtures, in decaying matter and tree barks.

If you feel you can handle them on your own without hiring a scorpion control Phoenix Company, there is no harm in trying. Make sure you wear the right safety gadgets and make sure you get the right pesticide to spray. If you’ve tried all this and nothing works, then do not hesitate to ask for help. Contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest and Termite Services and their team will visit you more than once in a week to make sure you are free of scorpion infestation.

Their scorpion control Phoenix team is highly trained and very friendly. They will listen to you and work in the best way to terminate scorpions within the shortest time.

Hire Scorpion Control Arizona for Home Safety

Hire Scorpion Control Arizona for Home SafetyFor more than four hundred million years, scorpions have remained constant inhabitants of earth. Fossil records dating from back then support the theory that these creatures have not changed in any way. According to records, over fifteen hundred types of scorpions exist worldwide.

In the United States alone, there are as many as ninety species, and sixty of which are from Arizona. Although we must respect these creatures, they can become a threat when they grow in numbers. This is when you will need to contact the right scorpion control Arizona Company.

Beware! Scorpions are Deadly

Scorpions have the capacity to deliver a large amount of extremely lethal poison directly into your body. Although, the number of fatalities due to scorpion bites is low, people should stay away from scorpions as best as they can. This is why scorpion proofing your home is highly recommendable.

How to Scorpion Proof Your Home

Scorpions need special breeding area with particular temperatures, moisture and enough food sources like other insects. Look around your home and you will find places filled with unused lumber, excess debris, piles of trimmed weed and grass. These offer an open invitation to these creatures to come and breed, so get rid of them immediately. Look for crevices, gaps, and cracks through which scorpions can sneak into your home, and get rid of them by making necessary repairs.

Further Measures for Protection

If you have a family with children and you live in a scorpion rich zone, you would like to take some measures on daily basis and make it part of everyone’s routine as well. Shake off your shoes before putting them on, do not leave clothes on the floor, wear gloves while gardening, never be bare feet, and always check drains in bathrooms where scorpions can crawl through into the house. Dropping a mothball in the drains will not hurt, so do it for everyone’s safety.

Can You Handle Everything

Even if you secure your home, there is a great chance that your house may suffer from scorpion infestation. If you feel at risk because there are more scorpions turning up on a regular basis, it is wise to contact professionals because you cannot handle them when they are in large numbers. Even if it is, a single scorpion and you are afraid of it because they are very quick in attacking, pick up your cell and call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest and Termite Services on 480.986.8500.

They will also help you inspect you vicinity for possible access points scorpions can use in order to protect you from future threats by scorpions.

Was Your Choice Right

If you’ve selected the right scorpion control ArizonaCompany, rest assured that they would prioritize your needs as a customer. If you need them again, they will answer you call without added charges, especially if they did not do the job well in the first visit. They will respond within forty-eight hours and their team will inform you about all the precautions before they begin work.

How to Find Scorpions Hiding In Your Homes

How to Find Scorpions Hiding In Your HomesSummers are here! The month of June gets pretty hot here in Phoenix. People are heading to the beaches for a sun tan; meanwhile scorpions come out of hiding. Scorpions group together and hide themselves in winters and when the summer hits, all of the scorpions head out to feed, breed and enjoy the sun. It is the most favorable weather for these venomous scorpions to pick homes and reside in them. Many people are unaware of it and the ones that are don’t know where to find them. It’s not impossible to find scorpions if they have entered your premises. You just have to follow these instructions to find them and then try a scorpion control phoenix to get rid of them.



If you have a swimming pool in your house or your backyard, make sure you give it a thorough check. Scorpions are attracted to water, and if they find standing water anywhere in your home, they’ll probably be found chilling in your pool.

Small Entrances

One of the easiest and most neglected ways through which a scorpion can enter your home is through small holes and entrances. Holes in the walls or doors are a perfect point of entry for scorpions. Make sure you check these places at night to catch a scorpion trespassing.

Give Your Home a Complete Check

Scorpions love to hide in the dark and if you think your home is being shared by the most dangerous pest then try to check every corner, closet, cabinet, or enclosed space. It is not only dangerous for them to be too close to you, but they might also group up in a dark area of your home.

In the Grass

Scorpions love to wander at night because they are fond of darkness. If you have a grassy area outside your home or in your backyard, make sure to check it at night. Take a light with you and look for the scorpions in the grass. But be careful, they are venomous and can hurt you; once you find them, try a scorpion control phoenix agency to weed them out.

Warm Places

We often talk about our house being the warmest place or only our house gives us warmth. It is true but who else is taking advantage of this warmth? Yes, the scorpions. Scorpions are attracted to warmth and they’d probably find your house too warm to go elsewhere. Check the hotter parts of your homes to find these dangerous pests.

Hiding Places

If you have debris, lush grass, stacked trash, piles of wood and lumber piles around, in or near your home then you are likely to find scorpions hiding in there. These areas are not only dark but a good hiding place for these pests. Don’t let any trash stack up around your home to avoid scorpion infestation.

Natural Scorpion Control Methods

Natural Scorpion Control MethodsDo you regard scorpions as a pest or a pet? We know some people who treat them as pet and take good care of them, but there are so many others who find scorpions annoying and consider them to be a pest. They jump at the sight of one and restore to all means to eliminate them from the house.

So what are effective methods to control scorpion? The best way to get rid of scorpions is to hire a company which offers scorpion control Phoenix. They will use an appropriate method and completely eliminate scorpions from you house without exposing you to any health risks.

Scorpions can be eliminated by pesticides as well, but we do not recommend you to use them since your health is endeared. If the infestation is not too large, you can try some of the natural remedies given below.

Seal holes and cracks

Do you have any openings or cracks in your house? Seal all of them up firmly. Caulk all holes and other possible entrances such as the areas where plumbing enters your rooms. Start your inspection form the basement and then continue on to the upwards floor. Make sure you do not miss any area.

If there is space between your doors and the floor, and your windows and the walls, seal it up with a weather striping or another suitable material.

Use some bleach

If you have noticed scorpions around your septic system, you can keep them at bay with bleach. Pour some of this down your drains on a weekly basis. Generally, two spoons should be enough at one time.

Welcome spiders

Spiders can help in controlling scorpions. If you are not scared of them, you should let some of them live in your rouse and they will repel the scorpions away.

Plant lavender

Lavender can also help in eliminating scorpions. Plant some outside in your yard, and also decorate your porch with it. You must also plant lavender in small vases and keep them inside your house. Dried plants, which are easily available in the market can also serve the purpose but fresh plants produce more effective results.

Since scorpions are not attracted to lavender, cleaning with lavender containing oils also helps. This not only keeps away the pests but also introduces a fresh smell ion your house.

Citrus is another plant, which has been known for repelling scorpions.

Clear the debris

Is your yard cluttered? If so, clear up all this mess. Remove rocks, lumber, firewood away from your house. Also mow your lawn and prune bushes.

Please note that the above natural techniques are effective only if the infestations are small. If not, you will have to hire the pros and assign a reputed company offering scorpion control Phoenix to deal with these pests in your house.