A longer Phoenix summer means more pests in your home

Unlike in other parts of the country, the Arizona summer seems to go on forever, with the stubborn heat sticking around well into October and even November. We humans may gripe about the toasty temps and sudden storms, but Phoenix summer pests thrive this time of year. That means you may be sharing your home with a host of uninvited guests.

Why are pests so active now?

Summer is prime time for crawling critters—especially during the monsoons in July and August. The combination of heat, moisture, and humidity create optimal conditions to feed and breed, leading to population explosions. Bark scorpions, termites, and ants top the list of troublesome summer pests for Valley homeowners.

A long Phoenix summer is scorpion season

Thanks to this summer bounty, bark scorpions snack on a smorgasbord of bugs all season long. The rising temps signal the start of the mating period, when scorpions reproduce and raise their young. (Fun fact: Baby scorpions hitch rides on their mother’s back.)

Scorpions may slink into your home in pursuit of their prey. Once inside, they seek out dark corners, cabinets, or bathtubs, where you might have an unfortunate encounter with one of them by brushing up against it. While rarely fatal, a bark scorpion’s sting can be painful and may cause an allergic reaction.

Beware the tiny termite

Termites are a year-round problem in Phoenix, but become especially active during monsoon season, feasting on damp wood and soil. If these tenacious creatures target your home, they can wreak havoc from the foundation to the attic.

In fact, termites cause more damage than fires, storms, floods, and earthquakes combined. Long, skinny mud tunnels are telltale signs of termites, but you should hire a professional to confirm if you have an infestation.

Prepare for an ant invasion

Ants love hot weather and are out in force during the summer months. After a monsoon rain, you may spot swarms of flying ants preparing to mate and start up new colonies.

Heavy downpours can drive ants to seek dry shelter in your home, where the industrious insects may decide to set up shop permanently. Certain species, like carpenter ants, can cause serious harm to your property.

Contact us for a free pest inspection this summer

To protect your home and family, get your property inspected by an experienced pest control company. At Arizona Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, our technicians use state-of-the-art methods to safely and effectively treat your home. Contact us now for your free pest inspection.

Protecting yourself from bee and wasp stings this summer

Bees and wasps are very active in the spring and summertime in Arizona. They wouldn’t be as intimidating, if it weren’t for those painful stings. And for those of you who are severely allergic to bee and wasp stings, there is much more to fear than a painful poke. In severe cases, stings can cause deadly physical symptoms in no time at all. Whether you are allergic or not, bees and wasps should try to be avoided at all costs. So it’s important to know more about these insects, their behaviors, and how to steer clear of those stings this summer!

Understanding the Insect



There are over 1,000 different species of bees in Arizona. Each species have different purposes and behaviors that could make them more or less harmful to humans. One of the most dangerous type of bee in Arizona is the Africanized Honey Bee. These bees are also commonly known as “Killer Bees.” So why such a harsh name? These bees go to the extreme when protecting their colonies. They are much more sensitive to threats, and can detect a threat from farther distances away. A “threat” to an Africanized Honeybee could include a child riding their bike to close to a hive or a landscaper trimming trees and bushes nearby. They don’t need an adamant reason to attack, and when they do, they are aggressive and persistent. Thus giving them the name “Killer Bees.”



While there are many species of wasps, the one most commonly seen in Arizona is the Paper Wasp. These wasps typically feed themselves from pollen or nectar, and even  the occasional insect. While they aren’t as aggressive as bees when it comes to defending their nests, they will sting if provoked, or their nest is physically disturbed. The smaller barbs on their stingers allow them to sting multiple times without loosing their stingers inside their victims. A Paper Wasp sting inflicts severe pain and possibly dangerous physical symptoms for those who are allergic to wasp venom.

Protecting Yourself from Stings

Steps that you can take to avoid the dreaded bee and wasp stings this summer are very similar. Make sure to consider the following precautions to keep yourself safe from stings this summer.

  • Be Aware-  Make sure to be on the look out for signs of nearby bees or wasps. Watch out for nests and hives that could in or around your home. It’s also common to find wasps and bees floating in pools and attached to pool rafts and equipment, so be sure to keep your eyes open, whenever you’re outdoors.
  • Check Your Soda Cans- Whether your hanging out by the pool, at a picnic, or another outdoor activity, make sure to keep an eye on your containers holding sweet liquids like soda or lemonade. Bees and wasps will crawl right inside a can without you even knowing.
  • Stay Calm- Bees and wasps are able to communicate with each other to send signals of danger. If you see a bee or a wasp and begin doing a crazy “Oh my gosh, there’s a bee” dance, that one bee is likely to call others, so try to stay calm and move slowly away from the bee or wasp.
  • Wear Neutral Colors- When taking a stroll outside in your favorite red shirt, you might notice that your having to duck and dodge bees and wasps more than usual. This is because when bees and wasps notice a bright color- their instincts think “flower.”
  • Clean Up Spills- Accidentally drop your soda? Or maybe the trash leaked all over the garbage can? Whatever the spill, make sure it is properly washed and cleaned to avoid unwanted bee and wasp activity.
  • Avoid Cologne or Perfume- Bees and wasps are naturally enticed by sweet smelling odors. A great strategy for keeping them away is to skip the spritz of perfume or cologne before you go outdoors.
  • Keep Those Shoes On- As much as we all like the feel of grass between our toes, beware that thick grass could be harboring some stinging insects that you probably would want to avoid. So on the next trip to the park, keep those toes covered.
  • Close Windows- In the summertime in Arizona, most of our windows stay closed to preserve every ounce of cool air from our precious air conditioners. But, another great reason to keep those windows closed, is to keep bees and wasps outdoors where they belong.

Treatment for Stings

Treatment for bee and wasp stings may vary depending on the severity of the sting and if the person stung as an allergy to bee or wasp venom. For a non-allergic person first make sure the stinger is removed from the area. The best way of doing this is scraping the area with a thin object such as a paper or a credit card. Then apply ice, on for 20 and off for 20 to keep swelling to a minimum. For extra precaution, you can take an antihistamine to lessen any reaction. Lastly, you can take general pain medication such as ibuprofen to help reduce some of the soreness.


Stay Safe from Stings

A bee or wasp sting has the potential to ruin a perfectly fun summer day. Unfortunately, bees and wasps are going to be around this summer, so you have to do what you can to steer clear of them and protect yourself and your family from painful stings that could even cause severe physical symptoms. To help keep you out of harms way from these stings, keep this list of precautions in the back of your mind especially when going outside this summer.

If you are encountering nest or hives around the vicinity of your home, do not attempt to remove them yourself. Make sure to call a professional pest control company that has experience with bee and wasp control. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest and Termite Services, we have over 16 years of experience helping Phoenix, AZ family solve their pest problems. We would be more than happy to help you too!

Keeping your Children and Pets Safe with Interior and Exterior Phoenix Pest Control

Keeping your Children and Pets Safe with Interior and Exterior Phoenix Pest ControlPhoenix pest control services are crucial for everyone living in Phoenix.

Do you get the feeling that you are not alone in the house? Do you hear strange creeping and crawling noises late into the night? Do your children feel concerned or frightened by the constant noises? You don’t need to think about any monsters and ghosts. Usually the creepy crawly pests come out late night when they are sure no one is nearby.

When we talk about “Pests,” we are referring to rats, scorpions, termites, ants and probably pigeons living in the cracks in walls or your ceiling. Pests are experts in finding a way into your house, and sharing your home with you, without your knowledge. Cockroaches and termites especially love wood and they love living in the drainage or wooden flooring of your house.

You may have tried using all kinds of pesticides, but somehow, these annoying creatures always find their way back. Have you ever taken a moment to think about the risk you are taking by trying to handle the pest problem yourself?

Do you know that using pesticides inside the house or even outside means exposing your pets and children to high risks? Some people and children can have allergies to the chemical agents in pesticides. In fact, you would be exposing yourself to threats as well. This is why hiring expert assistance from Arizona’s best Phoenix pest control service is the right thing to do.

Their team of professionals has twenty years of experience handling all kinds of pests in domestic and commercial building all over Phoenix. They have a remarkable reputation that proves that they meet high standards. Their strength is that they offer what no other company in Phoenix offers – FREE inspection visits each year. While they handle interior pest control, they make sure the process hardly exposes your children and pets to any harm.

At the same time, when they handle the exterior they eradicate the pests using heat resistant chemicals, and then they create a protective barrier surrounding your house. This ensures that the pests don’t return to your home until a very long time. This approach is so efficient customers hardly call for a treatment more than once a year.

Their perimeter defense system includes eliminating spider webs, treating spaces, cracks around the doors and windows, including roof space or attics and basements. They also inspect other infested areas like the porch, patios, meter boxes, and heavy landscape areas.

In case you are wondering when to call in the help of these professional Phoenix pest control service, call them anytime. They are available all through the week except on Sunday, so you can call them on 480.986.8500 and fix an inspection appointment. Their availability is 8am – 5pm on Mondays to Fridays, on Saturday 8am – 1pm. So call them today and keep your family and pets safe!


Importance of Hiring a Pest Control and Exterminators Phoenix Service

Calling up a pest control and exterminator phoenix service at the sight of a rodent or an insect will save you from scurrying behind your sofa. The pest control and exterminators phoenix service is likely to rid your house of pests but not paying attention to how they do it could mean pests occupying your property once again. There is a lot you could learn from them and the following are the reasons why you need to hire them or take their advice for pest control.

Importance of Hiring a Pest Control and Exterminators Phoenix Service

A Clean Kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean a Pest free one

Keeping your kitchen clean or keeping your food in closed containers doesn’t necessarily mean it will remain pests free. Moisture is another thing that attracts pests and leaving moisture sources around could expose you to their threat. It is important to keep your gutters free of them.


Certain pests need no bait

Maintaining good hygiene doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a pest free life. Some of them would infest your house regardless of the presence of food and moisture as their sole purpose is to get your blood. A flea or a bedbug would be the perfect example of that.

Following what your Exterminator says

Your exterminator has the skills and knowledge in place to exterminate the pests occupying your property but it is equally important that you cooperate with him. If your exterminator tells you to keep a door closed or get a window fixed, you need to do just that.

Say No to DIY solutions

While a lot of pest treatment tools are available at your local hardware store, it is best not to carry out this activity yourself and leave it to the professionals. You may end up using more of the product than what is required or may even end up using the wrong treatment.

Professionals carry out a better screening process

Sometimes pests are so small that you do not necessarily see them or hide in places we rarely see. A pest control and exterminators phoenix service would be able to do a better screening job and locate the presence of any pests around your property so they may be controlled or exterminated.

Hiring a reputable Exterminators service

It is important for you to hire a reputable pest control and exterminators phoenix service, one that has all the required certifications and qualifications for carrying out the activity and who knows about all the health and environmental impact associated with pest control and extermination. AZ pest control is an expert when it comes to pest control and their extermination.


Hiring a reputable pest control and exterminators phoenix service will help you to find the presence of pests on your property and use the required knowledge and skills. They will make sure that these pests are eliminated from your property thus it is important that you seek help from a professional service rather than trying to carry out the activity yourself and putting yourself into further trouble.

3 Tips on How to Control Termites in Your Home at Phoenix AZ

There is always a problem with termites in Phoenix, which is why; if you have decided to hire help from the best termite control Phoenix AZ Company, then it was a wise decision. Here are some facts about termites that you need to know, so if you haven’t already made the call for help, you had better hurry up.

Termites move with the whole colony. They have a queen and a king, and they defend their queen. The king helps in the upbringing of their offspring, which is not common in other insect species.

Termites have been around for more than 130 million years, and there are fossils to support this theory. According to biological evidence, they likely came from an ancestor common to them and cockroaches. Termites feed on the feces of other termites. Amazingly, termite soldiers and workers are blind; all they have are motion sensors and they use this for their flight and movement.

Termites do transmit diseases to humans, but they also have ecological benefits. They help decompose waste matter and feed on debris. This helps loosen the soil when they dig tunnels in soil to make their way, making it better for agriculture.

Experts at a termite control Phoenix AZ Company undergo rigorous training to know everything about these pests, and they understand what they need to do to help get rid of them permanently. It is difficult for any untrained person to succeed in eradicating these pests because you need special experience to know where to look for these pests. Besides, you need skills to be able to target their breeding places, which are often difficult to reach. Even after removing them, you will need regular follow up visits in future to maintain a termite-free home.

Here are three tips for you so you can help yourself:

  1. Change the wooden flooring: Avoid pine nuggets, and substitute the wood with marble, granite or gravel. Also, make sure there is no stored firewood in your home, and avoid wooden furniture if you live in Arizona.
  2. Keep tidy: Termites love dirty and dark places where they can find moisture and warmth. Dispose any unwanted waste items and keep the house generally clean. Make sure there are no soiled and dirty things.
  3. Maintain your lawn: If you have a lawn of personal garden, maintain it to make sure there are no termites. They love plants and shrubs, so you might have to use pesticides to prevent termite infestation.

Sometimes, even with all the efforts we put into making sure we get rid of termites, things still get out of hand. This is why; you need to consider asking for help from a termite control Phoenix AZ Company. They will come over and inspect your entire area, and offer an estimate of how much it would cost.

The best part is that, Arizona’s Best Choice Pest Termite Services offer a free inspection, and they are always available. Call them right now!

Best Methods To Keep Rodents And Insects Away

A rodents and insects problem is becoming the major problem amongst many people. These are the pests that are most irritated ones and come up with lots of diseases as well. People seek out best of the methods for rodent and insect control by which they can get rid of these irritating pests. Here are some of the ways, which will help in pest removal from your home:

•    Call an expert
The first important way by which this insect problem can get rid of is by calling a best control company. Pest control helps in getting rid of several pests along with rodents and insects, like bee control, scorpion treatment, pigeon control, among several others. Hiring services from experts gives a professional treatment to the house by which insects never enter the house again.

•    Apply seal points from they come in
Once you know the main path or entry from where they come in, know half of your problem is solved. Rodents come form the places that are difficult for an individual to judge, but if you notice it clearly or have an eye at what time he comes and from where then surely you can get rid of it. There are seals and rodents solids that are available in the market, you can apply those on the areas where they stay or enter your house. If the path will get stopped then there is no chance for them to enter the place.

•    Keep the food away
The other main tip that will help in getting rid of them is to keep food away from them. In most of the cases, it is found that where there is plenty of food available, there these insects arrive fastly. With this the chance of diseases also gets raised and the food also gets spoiled. The best way can be to keep the food away store in air tight containers, from which a rodent or any insect should not be able to reach.

•    Attract and trap
The most effective method is to attract and trap. With the help of traps, bait, or poison to kill insects or rodents or to get them out. This is the technique that is mostly used and has positive results as well, but do keep in mind to keep this away form children and store it away from reach of the children.

Pest Control for Real Estate Agents

With all the hard work that goes into staging and selling a home, the last thing a real estate agent needs is a surprise pest infestation. It is a serious problem that could turn off buyers, cause costly delays and potentially hold up a closing. Instead of waiting until the last minute to invest in Arizona residential pest control, it’s wise to make it one of the first things you do when taking on a home to sell or rent.

Termites are a particularly troublesome pest that can send potential buyers running in the opposite direction. Because their presence often goes undetected until the damage is extreme, it is very important that real estate agents acquire the services of only the best commercial pest control in Arizona. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest Control, we offer reliable inspections to determine the presence of termites, followed by the most thorough services and treatments to bug proof your home and make the property more appealing to buyers. Furthermore, we provide a Wood Destroying Insect Information Report that real estate agents can show to potential buyers- if a buyer knows that a pest problem has been dealt with, they are much more likely to commit to purchasing.

Another serious Arizona pest problem is scorpions. These dangerous and crafty critters hide in foliage and under rocks during the day, waiting until nighttime to come out and strike. If not handled properly, the presence of scorpions can turn into a terrifying deterrent for many a homeowner or real estate agent. To eliminate the problem before it gets out of control, trust the expert services offered at Arizona’s Best Choice. We provide unparalleled home protection against scorpions, and can get a house in selling shape quickly and safely.

For all your Arizona residential pest control needs, please contact us. We would be happy to assist real estate agents with home protection against scorpions, termites, and any other pest problem with the best residential and commercial pest control in Arizona.




Flying Termites vs. Flying Ants

Summer is high season for two rather annoying flying critters: winged termites and winged ants. Both live in large colonies and when the weather is warm, they produce winged offspring to fly to different areas and begin new colonies. With termites, many of these reproductives find their way into houses and apartment buildings, creating a real headache for homeowners. While any reputable Arizona residential pest control company can provide effective ant and termite treatments in AZ, it’s a good idea to learn to distinguish between the two so you know what you’re up against.

Flying Termites

  • Straight antennae
  • Uniform body
  • Two pairs of wings that are equal length
  • Very fine, delicate, lace-like veins in wings that appear shimmery

Flying Ants

  • Bent/elbowed antennae
  • Defined waist that looks narrowed/pinched
  • Two pairs of wings that are of unequal lengths
  • Veins in wings are poorly defined/simple in appearance

The existence of a few flying ants doesn’t necessarily mean an infestation is about to occur; rather, a few winged ants likely just flew in accidentally, with no intention of setting up a new colony in your home.

The presence of flying termites, on the other hand, indicates an infestation either in or around the home. Furthermore, unlike flying ants, the termites have flown in with the intention of setting up a new colony in your home, with the potential to cause serious destruction in a short amount of time.

If you suspect a termite infestation, call Arizona Best Choice Pest Control of Scottsdale. The professional technicians at Arizona Best Choice will create a customized termite treatment in AZ that meets every client’s specific needs, all backed by flexible warranties. From chemical barriers to structural treatments, termites don’t stand a chance against the guaranteed Arizona residential pest control options at AZ Best Choice. To set up a free termite inspection in Phoenix, contact us online.

Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You

When planning a summer vacation, you’re probably concerned with what you’re going to bring with you on your holiday. But there’s one important thing you should plan to not bring back: bed bugs. That’s right- these tiny nuisances are still infesting hotels and tourist destinations around the country. And if you’re not vigilant, they could wind up tagging along on your whole trip. To help you avoid bringing bed bugs home as holiday souvenirs, Arizona Best Choice Pest Control of Scottsdale has a few professional tips:


  • Before leaving, check the Bed Bug Registry online to see if your hotel has had a recent infestation.
  • Pack clothing in large, sealable bags. This way, if bed bugs or eggs get onto your luggage, your clothing is protected.
  • At the hotel, keep your belongings outside while you check the room for signs of bed bugs: small blood spots on mattress/linens; beige-colored, shed bug skins; visible bed bugs. With a flashlight, inspect nightstands, baseboards, carpet edges, sockets, and upholstered furniture.
  • Once you’ve assured it’s bug-free, continue to store your clothing in bags and keep your luggage up off of the floor.
  • Back at home, thoroughly inspect luggage, wash all clothing immediately in hot water and warm-air dry. Vacuum suitcases inside and out before storing.
  • Continue inspecting your home for a few weeks after your vacation: if you suspect bed bugs, call an Arizona residential pest control specialist.

Keep in mind that bed bugs can also be found on airplanes and other forms of public transportation. But if you follow these tips, you’ll likely be able to avoid unwanted tag-alongs wherever you go. If you suspect an infestation at your home or business, call the Arizona home sealing specialists at AZ Best Choice. From bed bug control programs to termite inspection and more, we offer the most comprehensive Arizona residential pest control in town. For more information on home sealing and pest control in Scottsdale, contact us online.