The Benefits of Hiring a Pest Control Company

Insects, scorpions and other pests can become a huge hassle for a homeowner. There are many routes that a person can take to handle this problem, and some of these methods are better than others. Some people choose to try to handle their pest problems on their own by purchasing chemicals from home improvement stores, but this is not always economical or even successful in stopping pests. What many people don’t know is that the benefits of hiring a professional pest control company far outweigh the perceived advantages of a homeowner doing it themselves.

Specific Extermination Plans

A homeowner usually handles pests by purchasing a bug killing product from a store and spraying it wherever they noticed the vermin. This may work in some cases, but more often than not it fails to get the job done. Professional pest control companies will be able to discover how big the problem actually is and provide the best method of handling the problem. They also take the size of a home and several other factors into consideration when coming up with a plan.

Professional exterminators are also capable of preventing future infestations rather than just attempting to handle the one that currently exists. They can provide chemical barriers for a home that will ensure that pests never even have a chance to get into a home again. A homeowner would have to spend an excessive amount of money on the numerous chemicals they would need to accomplish the same job as a professional company, and then there wouldn’t even be a guarantee that the do-it-yourselfer would be successful.

Fewer Chemicals

Homeowners who come across pests in their home are usually tempted to buy the first insecticide that they see and apply it in their home with no regard as to where the problem came from. Studies have shown that homeowners are actually sixty-seven times likelier to incorrectly apply insecticides than professional exterminators. This means that chemicals can be spread throughout a home with only a negligible effect on the pest problem. Professional pest control technicians can investigate the underlying cause of the infestation and apply these toxins only where necessary.

Finding Undiscovered Problems

The main problem that occurs with homeowner who try to handle their pest problems on their own is the fact that they usually aren’t one hundred percent sure of what they’re dealing with. Pests can hide in areas that a person may never think to look and sneak in through areas that a homeowner would never think to check. Professional pest exterminators thoroughly inspect a home so that they can be certain of each area that is affected and the entryways through which the pests are getting inside.

Pests can become a problem for several reasons. Some will enter a home when it gets too hot outside. Others will try to come in if it gets too damp. Regardless of the reason, these pests should be treated in a quick and effective manner. While it is true that some owners have been able to effectively handle small pest problems, it is often the case that they don’t handle the problem appropriately, which will lead to more and larger infestations.

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Common pest types | Arizona Pest Control

It is incredible how many pests there are that can cause us problems, they of course have no concept of where our homes and gardens start and end nor that they are pests but we don’t want them in or around the places we live or work. Insects are common pests and often the most difficult to control and get rid of. Termite control is notoriously difficult and getting rid of them uses noxious treatments, the damage they do also means that they are the least welcome pest of all generally. Other insects such as flies can just be a pain and bees if they get into your home can in fact be a danger to health if you have an allergy or someone in your family does and at least they can give a painful sting. Scorpions also can give a painful sting or in the case of the bark scorpion an almighty sting that could take days to recover from. Moving away from creepy crawlies mammals including rats, mice and gophers, birds such as pigeons and retiles such as snakes are all unwelcome in our homes, unless they are pets of course. A pet in a cage, which is clean and safe, is very different to a disease spreading or poisonous pest.

Spotting signs of rodents in your home | Arizona Pest Control

Spotting rodents in your home will eventually become all too clear but you may want to spot them before they do too much damage and know what kind of pest you actually have. Mice are smaller than you might expect, they can get into spaces even smaller still, and their droppings are very small also and may be mistaken for dirt or soil. The best way to find rodents is to look in the places where they like to nest. They don’t like having to go far so it may well be near to food. Underneath kitchen cupboards is a favorite but they also like warm places such as near to a boiler. Nesting materials are important to a rat or a mouse as well to make sure they have somewhere comfortable for their family and so they may well get into your clothes, especially those you have packed up over winter or summer and so rarely disturbed. In cartoons mice make holes in the skirting board to get into walls, they may do this but usually only where they have come up through crawl space into the walls and then go through to get food. As well as gnawed wood also look out for scratched wood that may be a sign of rats especially, sharpening their claws.

Pigeon control | Arizona Pest Control

Most birds don’t bother humans too much, occasionally they may leave droppings in the wrong places but apart from that they aren’t a problem and ornithologists appreciate them as often graceful animals. Even ornithologists though must be aware that pigeons are not attractive and not our friends when they settle in towns ands cities and cause mess and spread disease. Most birds are happy to nest in the wild and in trees and bushes. Pigeons seem to like buildings find perches and ledges to nest on and from there they seem to create an awful lot of droppings. These droppings alone are enough reason to want to get rid of pigeons as they collect and start to smell and inevitably can spread disease. The droppings contain a very high level of uric acid meaning that it can cause serious damage to materials including metal and also stones in a similar way to acid rain but much faster. Pigeons can damage buildings and statues severely therefore. Pigeons themselves though unlike most birds will actually steal food from people directly, from your house or garden and from your rubbish creating a lot of mess in the process. Luckily pigeons can be exterminated or measures can be used to stop them from landing. As a pest you are free to get in an exterminator to get rid of them.

Choosing a pest controller | Arizona Pest Control

If you have a pest problem, or perhaps want to check you haven’t or check you aren’t going to have a pest problem, then you need to first choose a suitable pest controller. They normally do call themselves controllers now rather than exterminators, for one reason that humane methods are now more popular and because prevention is better than a cure so you may want to protect your home from pests if you don’t have them or stop them from coming back in future. Some pest controllers have specializations for certain pests, this shows that they must know what they are doing but you may want a pest controller who can stop pests of any type whatever you may turn out to have or be at risk from. Many pest controllers will come and give a free inspection, this will either confirm you have pests which they hop you will have removed, or confirm that you are safe, and presumably then they will try to sell you what you need to make sure you keep pest free. For some pest types such as bees and rodent s you will want a quick response and may choose a controller based on this as well but often the best way to choose id to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Bee Removal | Arizona Pest Control

Bee removal is something you may suddenly find you need, as the summer gets going you may suddenly find that your home and garden is simply full of bees which make it at least impossible to go into your garden and if they are in your home may make it possible to go anywhere on your property at all. Luckily you can often get a same day service from pest controllers to get rid of bees and leave you in peace. Getting rid of bees isn’t a job to do yourself, even if you don’t have any allergies to bees. Getting stung by one bee is bad enough but imagine if several stung you would be in a lot of pain and potentially even unable to work. If you have children as well getting rid of bees and getting rid of them safely is vital as young children are susceptible and if they have never been stung by bees you can not be sure if they would have a reaction or not. Experts clear bees not by making them angry but by calming them and then removing their nests so they are much less likely to sting. Experts can also identify if the bees you have are more aggressive such as Africanized honey bees.

Humane and child safe pest removal | Arizona Pest Control

Killing pests to some people is a very practical thing, if a pest causes a problem then they want to get rid of it and often killing that pest is the easiest thing. You though may have a little more respect for animals even if they are pests and not really on your side in the same way. Still though often a distinction is drawn between those animals that are seen as cuddly like rats and mice and those that have little appeal such as termites and scorpions, snakes seems to be popular with some people and not others. Humane traps though do exist for several types of pests and certainly for rodents. Rodents in your home in reality are diseased and you wouldn’t want to cuddle them at all but still you may not like the idea of having one dead in your home, especially if you have children. Poisoning rats and mice can be worse as you then have them dying a little while after, by which time they could be hidden away in your wall cavities where they will rot and smell. Poisons are also not safe with young children and pets around who spend any time on the floor, they are poisonous top people as much to animals usually and so a humane trap may be a good idea sometimes from a practical point of view.

The problem with rodents in your home | Arizona Pest Control

The problems you will have with rodents in your home aren’t just that they may make you jump, rats and mice cause more problems than you could imagine. They are seen as cute animals but mice and rats spread disease and may well have recently been in bins and sewers so who knows what is on their coats: they are then running around on your kitchen surfaces looking for food. Rats especially like to gnaw, they will gnaw not just at your food but at wood and even wiring. They could take out your electricity for your whole property, and probably themselves as well though this is little consolation. Rodents are often easy to spot from the mess they make where they have chewed skirting boards and cabinets and from their feces everywhere. With mice be aware that it is smaller than you might think and so don’t mistake it for coffee granules or something similar dropped on to your floor or worktop. Once you kill rodents you may have an even bigger problem, with conventional traps you will inevitably find dead corpses of rats and mice everywhere which you may not want to deal with and which may upset children. Poison means that they can die anywhere and then begin to rot, humane traps are an option but less effective and more time consuming to use.

Stop rodents entering your home | Arizona Pest Control

Having rodents in your home is horrible, they smell, spread disease, cause damage and eat your food. Rodents that most often get into people’s homes are rats and mice, once in they tend to breed and be difficult to get rid of so the best thing is to stop them getting into your home. Having to kill them within your home is also very unpleasant and if you have children is lily to upset them. Rodents get into your home often through gaps left for them and hints of the food available inside that to them often seem like an open invitation. One thing you must not do is leave garbage outside your home, especially not piled up right by doors. Make sure you have garbage cans with good lids to put waste into. Rodents can squeeze into surprisingly small holes so fill up anything that they could be able to get into. ‘You want to stop rats and mice but housemice and dormice are smaller than you might think to begin with and once they squeeze the holes they can get into are remarkably small. Try not to leave doors open in the summer either without someone nearby, they will keep away if they see humans normally but they are opportunistic.

Why you don’t want scorpions in your home | Arizona Pest Control

Scorpions like spiders are great at catching insects, if you have an insect problem then you have a great chance of also having scorpions who thrive on them. Unfortunately though scorpions usually have a nasty sting. Scorpions won’t come out and attack you but they will sting you if you disturb them and they feel threatened. Scorpions hide in all sorts of places and you may not realize they are there until they sting you. With most scorpions stings the pain is moderate and you may get a bit of swelling ad long as you have no allergy. With bark scorpions though, which are common in the south of the USA, they are poisonous and can cause a great deal of discomfort and health problems. Children and the elderly are especially at risk so if you are elderly or have children in your home you may want to ensure that it is scorpion free. Bark scorpions can cause as well as pain breathing difficulties and numbness or even convulsions in the affected area. Many people do assume that scorpions are usually large and easy to spot but it is important to realize they are not, they prey by waiting for food so need to be camouflaged and able to hide. Getting in an exterminator and trying to keep down numbers of insects for them to eat will help keep scorpions out.