Closing the Pest Routes in Arizona | Arizona Pest Control

The key to pest control in Arizona is the ability to close any gaps through which pests can enter the home. It is advisable that you close gaps that are larger than 1.4 inches. This is because pests rarely go beyond this size. If you have a way of closing even smaller gaps then you should advantage of it because pests can be very tricky. They will use any gaps to get to the house. Rats are particularly agile and adaptable.

Structural damage and pests

Rather than calling in Arizona pest control, it is better for the home owner to remove any structural damage that may be encouraging pests to take a foot hold. For example the presence of moisture can cause wood to rot and this will be the perfect breeding ground for bugs. Kids are not safe if parents do not deal with structural damage in the home.
On the other hand a weakened area is the perfect path for these rodents. Windows and screens need to be kept in good working order if the home is to be safe. These are tedious tasks but they come with the territory when you become a home owner. Ducking them will not make the home any safer.

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