Different types of pests found in homes

Different Types of Pests Found In HomesThere are a number of pests that take refuge in our homes and we don’t know the names of many of them. These creepy looking parasites bite, irritate, crawl, damage, hurt and often transfer viruses. Having pests in your homes is unhealthy and not to forget very dangerous. You will not believe the power of some of these pests that can damage your home’s structure. Surprised? Well let’s learn about some of the most common pests found in homes. These pests can be put to a stop if you try AZ pest control services.


This is a very dangerous pest and can damage your house’s structure. This is one of the most common pests found in Arizona. Termites may build up in your floors, walls, bathrooms, and ceilings.

Protective Measures

Termites are attracted towards moisture that’s why it is best to avoid moisture build-up and you can always opt for a termite control team.

Bed Bugs

Phoenix has always been on the target of bed bugs. Bed bugs bite any uncovered area of the body and their bite resembles that of a spider or mosquito. Bed bugs are hard to tackle and if not taken care of in time, they increase in number.

Protective Measures

You can eliminate bed bugs by keeping your house clean. Wash clothes, carpets, and curtains. Make sure you check any second hand furniture because there’s a high chance it might have bed bugs. You can also avoid clutter of things because bed bugs can easily hide in such areas.

Dust Mites

Dust mites cause a lot of allergies in Phoenix every day. They can cause asthma, rhinitis, chronic sinus problems and eczema. Dust mites are microscopic and if their feces are inhaled, it can cause allergies. They commonly reside in our pillows, blankets, mattress and rugs.

Protective Measures

If you are having a hard time dealing with dust mites, try changing your pillows and mattress. If a pillow is used for too long, dust mites take permanent refuge inside of it.


It is a metallic silver colored fish like insect that eats paper, food items, glue and clothes. They are very common in Arizona and live in moist and humid places. Your bathroom and kitchen are not safe from the silverfish. They can damage your books, walls, and contaminate your food.

Protective Measures

If you want your home to be protected from silverfish then don’t leave any moisture. Moist wood, carpets and ceilings are home to these pests. If you have your books and papers stacked up in a dusty place then avoid doing so because silverfish lives in such areas.

There are a number of other pests that are very common in Arizona homes but most of the people don’t know about them. These pests cause many problems and they can be prevented in the simplest ways and if you fail to manage them on your own then try AZ pest controlservices.

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