How to Eliminate Termites: TermiteTreatment Phoenix AZ

How to Eliminate Termites: TermiteTreatment Phoenix AZFor those living in Arizona, termites present one of the greatest problems because they always find a way into the house. If you have wooden furniture in the house, then you should expect these tiny destructive creatures to find their way in to destroy it. Sometimes, they make their homes (termite mounds) within close proximity to your house, endangering your children and pets. This is why, eliminating them using the best termite treatment Phoenix AZ services is important.

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services is a company that has been battling against pests in Phoenix for the past twenty years. They have complete knowledge on what approaches to use for different foundations because termites usually burrow underneath buildings and weaken them. Ignoring these invasive creatures would only cause buildings to deteriorate.

The team at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services always has a plan of action that proves their expertise. Their high level of proficiency sets them apart from several pest control companies in Arizona. The different methods of termite treatment that these professionals use ensure that the technique doesn’t damage the building.

The team first eradicates termites inside the house, by applying the best pesticides in every nook and crevice, in every room, attic and basement as well. The pesticides they use are harmless for children and pets, and if they need to use stronger pesticides that can be harmful, they inform you beforehand so that you can leave the house for several days, until their operation is complete.

After tackling the interior, they also apply soil and structural treatment on the exterior. This allows them to set up a strong barrier around the house using strong lasting chemicals. This prevents the return of termites for at least a year (or more). The multi-step approach they take ensures that termites never gain access to your house agan. To keep a check on their own job, the team schedules annual FREE visits.

This is why they offer a 1-5 year warranty on their work. They are quite confident that their termite treatment Phoenix AZ services are lasting and flawless.

Termites usually find their way into your home from any of the following:

  • Floating Slab Foundation: They can invade your home through the interior expansion joints, cracks in the foundations, tub traps and through plumbing entry points through floating slabs
  • Monolithic Post Tension Slab Foundation: Tub traps, plumbing entry points, and interior expansion joints are also easy entry points that termites use
  • Crawl Space: Termites can get into your home through supporting piers, plumbing, perimeter skirting or foundation walls

To get the best termite treatment Phoenix AZ services right away, all you need to do is call them on (480) 426-8406. Once you call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, they will schedule a FREE inspection visit. They will assess the depth of the termite invasion and the best approach to take.


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