Five Pests that love your Arizona house in winters and a Pest control Arizona Service for You

It officially is winter and the snow on the ground is proof of that. In winters most people think it is unnecessary to carry out a pest control activity as a common myth is that all of them die in winters. The question you need to ask yourself is that if all of them die at that time, why do we have pest problems in spring?

Five Pests that love your Arizona house in winters and a Pest control Arizona Service for YouWell, the answer is simple while many pests like spiders do indeed die in winters it is not before they lay their eggs in an area where it is safe for them to do so and that includes your house. Others hibernate under trees and rocks; they include roaches and queen wasps while the third type is one which seeks refuge in your house to hibernate and eat your food. The five pests that love your house are as follows.


It is difficult to notice mice right away. Because of their nocturnal nature, they can be mostly heard scratching and gnawing in the walls or on your ceiling, mostly at night time. Small in size but big on trouble, it is important that you take care of that mouse in your house as it can contaminate your food and may even cause fire by chewing electrical wires.

Cluster Flies

Not attracted by food or trash, winters is the time cluster flies time choose to invade your house. They get their name from their ability of clustering together in wall voids, eaves, and attic spaces. One buzzing fly in your house means more hibernating elsewhere. Spring means death for them and a mess for your house.

Stink Bugs

Mostly a concern for farmers, stink bugs attack trees, vegetables, and other plants. Getting their name from the odor they give off, stink bugs can be a nuisance in winters if they enter your house as their smell is awful and difficult to bear.


The warmth of your house is enjoyed by ants in winters, especially carpenter ants. A nest needs to be already present inside your house. Carpenter ants nest in your door and windows while the walls and the cracks around the foundation are home to pavement ants. The ants mostly hibernate in winters so if you see a few sluggishly walking around your house, be assured there is a nest inside your house.

Wild Life

Some of the wildlife pests like squirrels and raccoons do not hibernate in winters but they hide under warm attics to stay warm. They can rip up the insulation and mess up your attic which may invite other pests into your property.


The abovementioned pests love your warm house in the winters and hibernate there till it’s warm outside. So getting a pest control Arizona service is important so you can eliminate the threat of the pests breeding on your property. AZ pest control is an expert when it comes to protecting your house from pests that breed inside your house in winters thus it is imperative that you get a pest control Arizona service to protect your house from these pests.

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