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Home sealing + Treatment = Say goodbye to pests

The treatments from AZ Best Pest are effective at eliminating pests. So is sealing your home. However, if you really want to ensure that pests get out and stay out, combining traditional pest control methods and pesticide with a home seal can make a real difference. In this post, your friends at AZ Best Pest explain how home sealing and regular treatment are a match made in heaven—a bug-free heaven, that is!

Arizona Home Sealing ServicePesticide treatment eliminates pests in your home

A traditional and well-known form of pest control, pesticide treatment is an effective way to kill pests that are in your home, from roaches and silverfish to crickets and ants. For predatory pests such as bark scorpions, using pesticide will kill off pretty supplies and encourage them to leave. Overall, insecticides are still a popular method of pest control for one reason: they work and help guarantee a pest-free future for your home.

That’s why AZ Best Pest uses Demand CS. Specially formulated for use by leading pest control agencies and companies, Demand CS is up to 200 times as powerful as your normal, run-of-the-mill pest control. Yet, it’s still safe for pets and children to be around after it dries. Demand CS is great for use in Arizona, since it’s especially resistant to UV rays and is formulated to stand up to even the most torrential downpours.

Our technicians thoroughly treat all areas of your home, including the exterior and interior. We get the places that are hard-to-reach, yet make perfect homes for pests. We use a combination of sprays and granules to target different types of pests.

Home sealing prevents re-entry

Home sealing involves having a pest control professional use caulking, weather stripping, wire mesh, and an assortment of other supplies and tools to “seal” off your home, blocking common pest entry points. In most cases, pests such as bark scorpions can squeeze between spaces as thin as a credit card. We’ll block those points of entry, but it’s also worth noting that most pests often find the easiest way in. In fact, they may even be “polite” enough to use the front door, waltzing in through a gap between the frame and the door itself.

Our 21-point home sealing process blocks these pest highways into your home, denying them access to what’s inside.

It’s all part of the AZ Best Pest process

With home sealing as your first line of defense and pest control as your second one, pests don’t stand a chance. Those already in your home and walls will succumb to the treatment, while new ones won’t be able to move in and take their place.

The best part? All of this is already included in the AZ Best Pest home sealing process! We not only seal your home’s entry points, but we also apply treatments throughout the interior and exterior, including in often-overlooked places such as the attic.

If you’re looking to give cockroaches, crickets, or scorpions the permanent boot, give AZ Best Pest a call. Our trained and experienced technicians can help you evict your unwanted residents with a combination of proven treatments.

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