How to Control Termite Problem in Arizona?

Termites! This word might be a nightmare for you if you reside in Arizona. Although termites are even less than ½” in size, but these are active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can eat your complete house within three months. Yes, if you’ll look at the history, then termites have caused more loss than any fire, storms, or earthquake.

Well, there are experienced & trained termite specialists offering Arizona termite control services, and you can always ask them for the service. There are pest controls companies which even offer free termite inspection service in Arizona for your help. Anyways, here are certain tips with which you can yourself try to keep the termites away from your living or working place.

1.    To control termites from entering at your house, control on the moisture content near the house. Termites not only love moisture but these also need it to flourish. So, your first step is to control the excessive moisture in and around the house.

2.    You must also make efforts to control the wooden timber in the house from getting moist. With the proper cross ventilation in the walls, the wood can be kept dry. If there is certain part like window seals and wall edges, which gets exposed to moisture, then it ought to be covered with the weather sealer.

3.    If there are bushes around your house, then these are also carrier of moisture. Keep them trimmed or if possible remove them for effective termite prevention.

4.    If the house is yet to be made, then you can take certain pre-measures for termite control. For instance, you can pre-treat the soil or even build a barrier under the foundation in order to avoid the contact of soil & wood. This might seem expensive, but it would help you in the long run.

5.    Make use of good termite baits & quality termite barrier system to kill termites.

6.    Termites feed on dead stumps, wood debris, paper, and firewood. If there is any such thing in your house, then remove it.

7.    Be attentive towards the termite infestation by watching the warning signs such as like mud tunnels, bubbled or cracked paint, and discarded swarmer termite wings. Also, keep a periodic check for termite inspection on the wood decks and fences in your home. If there are any signs of termite presence, then take immediate action.

8.    No doubt, termites are secretive. They find out ways to enter a building which is commonly inaccessible for even inspection. Seal all the holes and cracks to prevent any easy access and infestation of termites.

If in case you are in doubt, then there is no harm in consulting professional termite control companies and get professional solutions.

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