Knowing thy Enemy – A Guide to Pests

Knowing thy Enemy - A Guide to Pests







What is the most common nuisance that anyone has to face at least a number of times in their stay on Mother Earth? It’s not the common cold, although that comes to a close second. What can be more horrible than getting sick, you ask. It’s the discovery of a rat burrow in your house’s pantry, or ants littering your sugar- bowl, or God forbid (and this is the worst of all!), finding bed-bugs in the recently up-holstered sofa.

These are some of the more common pests found in homes. However, but if you are a resident of Arizona, you are bound to get acquainted with many more of the creepy-crawlers and critters that you must know by face, but not by name.

The two most common nuisances that the state of Arizona faces as pests are Insects and Rodents. I think that the number of companies for pest control in Arizona is slightly less, of course for every bug, flea, and rodent there is one brave little exterminator too.

The most common pests that we face are – Ants, Bed-bugs, Cockroaches, and Rodents.


Where there’s food, there are bound to be ants too. These annoying six legged creatures are mostly present at outdoor picnics, on any surface with something sweet spilt on it and upswept corners of the house. The most common type of ant to invade your home would be the Carpenter Ant. This pest is known to tear pieces of construction timber in the walls, to create their homes. Be sure to call the best local pest control agency to deal with this menace, if you find even one lurking.


Bed-bugs are perhaps the most common pests to take residence in our homes, apart from rats. They are minuscule parasite type creatures, so small in fact that you won’t be able to detect them with the naked eye. They can generally be found in the mattresses of beds, inside the crevices of your sofas etc. the only tell-tale sign of an infestation will be the itches at night, while you sleep.


Nothing is more disgusting than finding a big, fat cockroach on the shelf of your bathroom where the toothbrushes are. Or worse, turning on the micro-wave only two see three of these creatures scrambling to get out from the heat. People, this is the time when you should consult a pest control agency because nothing spreads faster than these icky creatures.


The main cause of the Black Plague was Rodents. These furry, little creatures were the reason of so much destruction and death. The most common types of rodents to be found are roof-rats and house mice. They wreak damage to your home by gnawing on stuff, as they pillage for food. Roof-rats are big, black rats with long tails and prefers abode in the attic or ceiling.

House mice on the other hand, are small, almost docile creatures but move fast hence not easy to trap. If you find evidence of a rodent infestation, call a pest control agency right away to tackle the problem as these rodents are carriers of life-threatening diseases.

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