A longer Phoenix summer means more pests in your home

Unlike in other parts of the country, the Arizona summer seems to go on forever, with the stubborn heat sticking around well into October and even November. We humans may gripe about the toasty temps and sudden storms, but Phoenix summer pests thrive this time of year. That means you may be sharing your home with a host of uninvited guests.

Why are pests so active now?

Summer is prime time for crawling critters—especially during the monsoons in July and August. The combination of heat, moisture, and humidity create optimal conditions to feed and breed, leading to population explosions. Bark scorpions, termites, and ants top the list of troublesome summer pests for Valley homeowners.

A long Phoenix summer is scorpion season

Thanks to this summer bounty, bark scorpions snack on a smorgasbord of bugs all season long. The rising temps signal the start of the mating period, when scorpions reproduce and raise their young. (Fun fact: Baby scorpions hitch rides on their mother’s back.)

Scorpions may slink into your home in pursuit of their prey. Once inside, they seek out dark corners, cabinets, or bathtubs, where you might have an unfortunate encounter with one of them by brushing up against it. While rarely fatal, a bark scorpion’s sting can be painful and may cause an allergic reaction.

Beware the tiny termite

Termites are a year-round problem in Phoenix, but become especially active during monsoon season, feasting on damp wood and soil. If these tenacious creatures target your home, they can wreak havoc from the foundation to the attic.

In fact, termites cause more damage than fires, storms, floods, and earthquakes combined. Long, skinny mud tunnels are telltale signs of termites, but you should hire a professional to confirm if you have an infestation.

Prepare for an ant invasion

Ants love hot weather and are out in force during the summer months. After a monsoon rain, you may spot swarms of flying ants preparing to mate and start up new colonies.

Heavy downpours can drive ants to seek dry shelter in your home, where the industrious insects may decide to set up shop permanently. Certain species, like carpenter ants, can cause serious harm to your property.

Contact us for a free pest inspection this summer

To protect your home and family, get your property inspected by an experienced pest control company. At Arizona Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, our technicians use state-of-the-art methods to safely and effectively treat your home. Contact us now for your free pest inspection.

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