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Home inspectors have the expertise and training to inspect the systems and components within a home. A home inspector has the expertise has the  ability to inspect for termites and termite damage. Termites mostly live in the soil within colonies and they must eat to survive and have access to water. Termites can not see. They are continuously looking for food in order to assure their future survival; this is why, a steel shed or a cement buildings without contents may not have much if any food for termites.

When inspecting a house with basement, a termite inspector has to pay careful attention to the sill plate. The sill plate is the area of the home structure that sits on the top of the cement foundation wall. These plates are the first place targeted by termites as they are close to the soil.

As termites live in the soil, they mostly attack the portions of the structure that are closest to the soil first. These areas are frequently not accessible in finished basements. These areas are also difficult to repair as the home structure must be temporarily supported to remove and replace the damaged wood structure.

Home owners should not underestimate the quantity of damage that can be done to a home by termites and other wood destroying insects.

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