Pest Control for Real Estate Agents

With all the hard work that goes into staging and selling a home, the last thing a real estate agent needs is a surprise pest infestation. It is a serious problem that could turn off buyers, cause costly delays and potentially hold up a closing. Instead of waiting until the last minute to invest in Arizona residential pest control, it’s wise to make it one of the first things you do when taking on a home to sell or rent.

Termites are a particularly troublesome pest that can send potential buyers running in the opposite direction. Because their presence often goes undetected until the damage is extreme, it is very important that real estate agents acquire the services of only the best commercial pest control in Arizona. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest Control, we offer reliable inspections to determine the presence of termites, followed by the most thorough services and treatments to bug proof your home and make the property more appealing to buyers. Furthermore, we provide a Wood Destroying Insect Information Report that real estate agents can show to potential buyers- if a buyer knows that a pest problem has been dealt with, they are much more likely to commit to purchasing.

Another serious Arizona pest problem is scorpions. These dangerous and crafty critters hide in foliage and under rocks during the day, waiting until nighttime to come out and strike. If not handled properly, the presence of scorpions can turn into a terrifying deterrent for many a homeowner or real estate agent. To eliminate the problem before it gets out of control, trust the expert services offered at Arizona’s Best Choice. We provide unparalleled home protection against scorpions, and can get a house in selling shape quickly and safely.

For all your Arizona residential pest control needs, please contact us. We would be happy to assist real estate agents with home protection against scorpions, termites, and any other pest problem with the best residential and commercial pest control in Arizona.




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