Pest Control Safety Tips | Arizona Pest Control

Proper safety procedures should be practiced when using pesticides or any other chemicals and equipment to control pest in your home or office. There are varieties of products that are used by people to get rid of pests. These products include liquid sprays, dusts, granules, traps, etc. Dust based pesticides are one of the best types of pest control to use. These are very effective for nearly every pest as the dusts are usually very light and airy.

However, when resorting to this method, you must take care that the dust does not get into your eyes. You can take simple steps like using a duster on your deck. Always remember that standing directly under the areas you are treating is very risky. It is always recommended that you wear an eye protection.

Apart from other protections, you will also need a pair of good quality gloves to safely handle any chemicals you use. However, the chemical residue will be left behind on any gloves you use. Instead of buying expensive leather gloves, just purchase a couple boxes of latex or vinyl gloves. These are the similar types of gloves used by doctors and can protect your hands from any exposure. These gloves are also disposable so you can throw them away when you are done.

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