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For many people, the pests in their backyard or the garden are the worst things in the world. As soon as they spot any pest, they go running for the pest control ways, especially get pesticides as poison. This is perhaps the biggest mistake people make and you should never head for the poison straightaway. If it is a garden, there will be insects. If you spray pesticides onto them you will be doing more harm than good.

The main problem that pesticides have is that they do not just aim the bad insects but harm the good insects as well. On an average, most gardens have 3% of the insects that can cause damage to the plants while remaining 97% are actually beneficial ones. That means, when you spray pesticides in your garden, you are killing off a bunch of beneficial insects also.

This is the main reason as to why most commercial greenhouses and nurseries have started getting away from using pesticides all together. They are using strictly biological controls when it comes to controlling the pests. The problem with good pests is that they will move to where ever their food is. If you can give them a spot where they will have food and a place to reproduce, then they will continue to stick around and keep your plants clear of the bad pests.

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