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Are mice, rats, or roof rats gnawing at the walls of your property—and at your peace of mind? If so, then it’s time to call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for fast, reliable rodent control in Mesa or the surrounding areas. Our professional pest control technicians are some of the best in Arizona. We pride ourselves on superior, fast service that not only removes the infestation but prevents rodents from returning.

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Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

Agile and adaptable, rodents can thrive in a variety of conditions around properties. A sure sign that you have rodents is droppings or material such as paper, wires, PVC pipes, ducts, etc. that have been gnawed.

Some places they can be found are:

  • In the insulation of ceilings and walls
  • In attics or crawl spaces
  • Under or behind cupboards, counters, shower stalls, and bathtubs
  • Near furnaces and water heaters
  • In stored boxes, paper, or clothing
  • In and around trash cans and any garbage that has been left on the ground
  • Under tall grass, bushes, or vines that have not been trimmed or maintained
  • In furniture, appliances, and cars that have been placed outside and are no longer used

Rodent Types


Mice are smaller than rats, but they can squeeze into your home, multiply fast, and cause you major headaches. You need more than traps and cheese (mice actually don’t like cheese!) to deal with a mice infestation.


Rats are larger than mice but can multiply in your home or business just as quickly. In some ways, rats are more versatile than mice and they’re infamous as disease carriers. If you have rats around, it’s time to call in the experts on our team to find and deal with their presence.

Roof Rats

Mesa—especially the East Valley—is famous for its roof rat problems. Thanks to our backyard citrus trees, roof rats can quickly spread from home-to-home, causing problems for you. They’re also known to infest the roofs of local businesses. See rats? Call our team!

Call Today for Residential & Commercial Rodent Control

Many Mesa homeowners don’t realize they have rats or mice in their homes until the breeding population is well-established in their attic or garage. Getting rid of rodents requires the services of a professional pest control company and is not a DIY project.

Are you a Mesa business owner? From roof rats to mice, a rodent infestation in your business is serious business. No matter what kind of commercial property you own or manage, let Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services help you not only remove the current infestation, but take steps to avoid re-infestation down the road. Our rodent control team has experience working with commercial clients throughout the Valley.

Our Rodent Proofing and Exclusion Services Include:

  • Identifying the areas where pests are harboring
  • Eliminating any current pest activity
  • Finding the entry points used by pests
  • Providing recommendations to prevent future pest activity
  • Sealing, patching, or repairing entry points to prevent pests from entering

How The Smoke Test Works

  • Using a smoke test can help identify where rats are getting into buildings. Rats tend to enter buildings through sewage line breaks, as they like to hide in sewers and can easily access a building through a gap in the line.
  • Our solution includes sealing the cracks that rats use to enter, preventing their return. We use effective caulking solutions to manage your rat infestation problem. Our simple and effective approach involves a smoke test to locate the breach or fracture where rats enter. This method is also used to identify gas leaks and is safe, traceless, and highly effective in pinpointing the source of a rat infestation in a structure.

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When you work with us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. Give our Mesa rodent control specialists a call today at (480) 418-3068 or contact us online.

Rodent FAQ

What Types of Rodents are in Arizona?

Arizona is home to dozens of types of rodents. Here in Central AZ, the most common types are:
  • Roof rats
  • Pack rats (woodrats)
  • Deer mice
  • Kangaroo rats
  • House mice
  • Norway rats
  • Squirrels
  • Gophers

While they may look cute, rodents can be a real menace if they invade your property. From chewing through your insulation and wiring to filling your attic and walls with urine and feces, rodent infestations can end up causing significant damage to your home and costing you a lot of money in repairs. They also are carriers of disease, which puts your health at risk.

Do Rats Multiply Quickly?

YES, exponentially! Female rodents can have around 40 babies per year on average and are able to conceive only 48 hours after giving birth. They also become sexually mature at nine weeks, which means that a population can grow from two rats to more than 1,200 in just 12 months. That’s why it’s essential to call for rodent control services at the first sign of a rodent problem, because it can and will get worse the longer you wait.

How Can I Get of Rats and Mice?

Getting rid of rodents is much more involved than just picking up some rat traps from the hardware store. One of the most important things to address is how the rodents got into your property in the first place and sealing off all entry points. A certified pest control professional can help you with this task. You may also need to implement some preventative measures such as clearing clutter on your property, keeping food in airtight containers, regularly disposing of garbage, and eliminating any sources of excess moisture in and around your property. Visit our blog for more helpful DIY rodent control tips!
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