Pest Proof Your Pantry

Dry goods in your kitchen cabinets and cupboards are natural magnets for pests like beetles, meal moths, and mice. Foods like flour, sugar, cocoa, dried fruits, pastas, cereals, corn meal and other grains should always be sealed with tight-fitting, insect-proof lids. It’s also a good idea to regularly clean out and reorganize your pantry to monitor any possible pest activity. Here, we’ll take a closer look at common pantry culprits that typically require a call to pest control:

  • Indian Meal Moths

These small, reddish-brown moths typically hide in dried fruits, flour, corn meal, sugar, and even dry dog food. While their life-cycle is less than a month, females can lay up to 200 eggs a week. Their larvae also leaves behind a fine webbing covering infested items. When infestations occur, shelves should be cleaned and infested materials should be destroyed. If you wish to save items, expose them to 140° F for over 30 minutes, or freeze for a few days. If infestations occur regularly, a professional insect exterminator may be necessary.

  • Merchant Grain Beetles

These small, flattened, dark brown insects lay their eggs in cereals, cake mix, chocolate and pasta. They use their saw-like teeth to chew through most traditional packing methods, as well as any food in their paths. Pest control measures are the same as for meal moths.

  • Mice and Rats

Rodents are fairly standard home invaders year-round, and will chew through just about anything to get at dry goods. Small and sneaky, they can fit in through the tiniest crack or crevice, and generally go undetected in most homes. There are many widely accepted pest control methods for preventing rodent infestations, but it’s often best to leave it to a professional Arizona residential pest control company.

The best prevention for all pests is a clean and uncluttered home, and a pantry stocked with air-tight, chew-proof containers. If at any time you suspect an infestation, clean the area thoroughly and call a trusted pest control service like Arizona Best Choice. Our professional Arizona exterminators offer complementary inspections, and we fully guarantee all of our Arizona residential pest control services. Visit us online to find the location closest to you.


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