Signs of a Termite Infestation

Signs of a Termite InfestationSo you think you have a termite infestation in the house. Chances are likely when you consider the fact that termites are a common pest in the country and found in many a home. If your house has an infestation, you should get treatment right away because termites are known to cause a significant amount of damage, which you will not want to experiences. But before treatment is carried out, you will have to request a termite inspection. In Phoenix, these are offered by many pest control companies.

Here are some signs that indicate the presence of termites.

Mud Tubes

If you have a termite infestation, mud tubes will start appearing at an early stage. Generally, the subterranean termites make these tubes because they prefer moving about in enclosed spaces instead of venturing out in an open area. They hide themselves in mud and dirt under the ground and if they have to travel out for feeding purposes, they make mud tubes and move about in them.

Inspect your basement and you will come across these tubes if you have a termite infestation. Be sure to use a flashlight and thoroughly inspect every corner and crevice, the area around the doors, and all your window frames. If the infestation increases, you will find these mud tubes in other areas of your house as well.

Wood Damage

Termites usually feed on wood and as they do, they create tunnels in the structure, hollowing them out. Inspect all wooden furniture and other wood elements in your home and try tapping them. If the emitted sound is hollow, you probably have an infestation. Once the infestation increases and more wood is damaged, you will start noticing the burbled or warped out paint on the surface. You will also come across eaten corners.

Generally, termites cover up holes which they form with mud and dirt. If you spot them in any wooden element, you have an infestation and will need to take help from the pros. Break apart the damaged wooden structure and you will notice a honeycombed pattern.


Swarmers are the king and queen of termite colonies who start a new colony. Generally, these swarmers leave established colonies in a large number to initiate another one. Keep a watch out for them during the day time or after it rains.

Also inspect your house and see if you can find tiny wings on your window sills, vents, doors, or sinks. Swarmers leave these wings behind before they lay eggs.


A pellet, similar to dust, is actually the waste of a termite colony. If you have an infestation, you will notice it piling regularly around your wooden structure or close to the breeding site of termites.

So did you spot any of the above signs in your house? Just to be sure, avail the services of a company that offers termite inspection in Phoenix and termite treatment.

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