Spotting a Termite problem | Arizona Pest Control

Spotting termites isn’t as easy as you might think it would be, termites are tiny so seeing them themselves is u unlikely Also if you aren’t looking for termites specifically then you are very unlikely to spot them, sadly this may mean that by the time you do realize they are there they have done substantial damage. You may then want to keep an eye out for termites and have a particular search for them every now and again, especially if many of your neighbors have had problems with them. Subterranean termites come into your home from underneath often, look out for signs of them tunneling from outside and in your crawl spaces. You may be able to spot termites before they really get in then but also look at the wood in your home as well, this may be something you rarely do normally if your beams and rafters aren’t exposed. By looking at wood wherever it is located you may be able to spot tell tale blistering on the surface of the wood that is a sure sign that termites are present. Drywood termites can be found a little more easily than subterranean if you spot cracking and brittle wood or wood that simply disintegrates when touched.

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