A longer Phoenix summer means more pests in your home

Unlike in other parts of the country, the Arizona summer seems to go on forever, with the stubborn heat sticking around well into October and even November. We humans may gripe about the toasty temps and sudden storms, but Phoenix summer pests thrive this time of year. That means you may be sharing your home with a host of uninvited guests.

Why are pests so active now?

Summer is prime time for crawling critters—especially during the monsoons in July and August. The combination of heat, moisture, and humidity create optimal conditions to feed and breed, leading to population explosions. Bark scorpions, termites, and ants top the list of troublesome summer pests for Valley homeowners.

A long Phoenix summer is scorpion season

Thanks to this summer bounty, bark scorpions snack on a smorgasbord of bugs all season long. The rising temps signal the start of the mating period, when scorpions reproduce and raise their young. (Fun fact: Baby scorpions hitch rides on their mother’s back.)

Scorpions may slink into your home in pursuit of their prey. Once inside, they seek out dark corners, cabinets, or bathtubs, where you might have an unfortunate encounter with one of them by brushing up against it. While rarely fatal, a bark scorpion’s sting can be painful and may cause an allergic reaction.

Beware the tiny termite

Termites are a year-round problem in Phoenix, but become especially active during monsoon season, feasting on damp wood and soil. If these tenacious creatures target your home, they can wreak havoc from the foundation to the attic.

In fact, termites cause more damage than fires, storms, floods, and earthquakes combined. Long, skinny mud tunnels are telltale signs of termites, but you should hire a professional to confirm if you have an infestation.

Prepare for an ant invasion

Ants love hot weather and are out in force during the summer months. After a monsoon rain, you may spot swarms of flying ants preparing to mate and start up new colonies.

Heavy downpours can drive ants to seek dry shelter in your home, where the industrious insects may decide to set up shop permanently. Certain species, like carpenter ants, can cause serious harm to your property.

Contact us for a free pest inspection this summer

To protect your home and family, get your property inspected by an experienced pest control company. At Arizona Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, our technicians use state-of-the-art methods to safely and effectively treat your home. Contact us now for your free pest inspection.

Here’s why we hire the best pest technicians in the Valley (and Casa Grande!)

When you call us to service your home, you want to know that our pest technicians will take care of you, your home, and your family. At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, you know we will value you as a customer because of how we value everyone we employ.

Pictured: Our pest technicians are amongst the best in the Valley.In this blog, we’ll review some of the ways that we treat our employees, and why you should call our pest technicians for your pest control needs.

Why do people love working for us?

At the end of the day, our business is not about a number and a dollar sign. It is about people building lives for their families. Each of our pest technicians is working to create a meaningful life in and around their career.

People love working for Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for many reasons:

  • We prepare our employees for success. With extensive training and support, they are equipped to grow professionally and personally.
  • We offer jobs in Casa Grande, Mesa, and Phoenix.
  • Our compensation is fair and competitive.
  • After 20 years in business, anyone can build a lifelong career with us.

Our technicians take pride in the work they do and the company they work for.

Why should employee satisfaction matter to customers?

Simply put, a company has a personality and habits in the same way people do. When a business treats their employees unfairly, they will not have their clients’ best interests in mind, either. We invest in the success of our staff through training, stability, and support.

This is also an investment in our customers, because happy workers who are well-trained and taken care of will go above-and-beyond for our clients. Our business is like a family. The strong bond between us and our pest control techs, makes us want to take care of each other and work together to make our customers happy.

Schedule your free inspection from our great pest technicians!

At Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services, we have a deep desire to give the best quality of work to each and every customer. Whether you want your home treated for scorpions, termites, or other pests, we have the most effective tools around.

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What are silverfish, and how should they be treated?

Silverfish are strange pests. While not as ubiquitous in Arizona homes as termites or scorpions, they’re still an insect to look out for. In this blog, we’ll talk more about this pest, signs of an infestation, and why you should call Arizona’s Best Pest for any silverfish control needs.

What are silverfish?

Image courtesy: By Taken by Soebe in nothern Germany – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

While they are typically a silver hue, they’re most certainly not fish, and resemble the cross between a cricket and a cockroach, with some of the same eating habits as a termite (more on that in a second).

Silverfish aren’t venomous or dangerous. Unlike roaches, they don’t transmit diseases.

They’re about 12-19 millimeters long and oval, with three long antennae near the rear of their body and two large antennae on their head. They have 6 legs in total.

What is remarkable about these pests?

Much like termites, silverfish can sustain themselves on all kinds of carbohydrates, from human food to paper and clothing. While they’re not as destructive as termites (they don’t eat wood in your home, or at least at any noticeable rate), they can ruin clothes, sheets, or paperwork in storage. They’ll even eat wallpaper.

Silverfish can thrive in many different circumstances, but their favorite places are in cardboard boxes containing stored clothes or paperwork in your cool garage.

How do silverfish get into my home?

Much like roaches or scorpions, silverfish are adept at squeezing through tight spaces to get into your living spaces where their favorite foods are. They can move through cracks in your foundation, door gaps, or through torn window screens.

In many cases, silverfish can be accidentally brought into the home. When you bring home that box full of antiques, or those files from the office storage closet, you could be bringing silverfish into your living spaces or your garage without knowing it.

Treating an infestation

Strangely, there’s actually truth to that old myth that silverfish hate cinnamon. This spice (and other strong-smelling spices) is an effective deterrent to adult silverfish, who will avoid areas that smell of it.

However, it’s not effective in treating an infestation: this pest breeds fast, and cinnamon won’t eliminate the eggs. Of course, it’s worth noting that cinnamon doesn’t kill the adults either; they just take paths through your home to avoid it.

The best way to treat a silverfish problem is to call in a pest professional who can tackle the following:

  • Finding the silverfish infestation
  • Eliminating all current silverfish and their eggs
  • Recommending places where further entry can be blocked.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite

For friendly pest control services here in Phoenix & Casa Grande, contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. We have dedicated pest control experts on our team with years of experience treating infestations.

It’s spring, and it’s time to get ready for Phoenix summer pests

It’s been yet another beautiful winter here in Phoenix. But, all good things must come to an end: a hot summer is on the way, and will be here sooner than you think. The same is true for all the pests that come out of the literal and figurative woodwork as the weather warms up. It’s time to get ready for Phoenix summer pests.

From cockroaches and ants to crickets and bark scorpions, hot weather is an invitation for pests to come out into your home. If you’re seeing evidence of Phoenix summer pests awakening for the season, contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services for a free pest inspection.

What pests become more active in the summer?

In a previous blog post, we discussed some winter pests that are active here in the Valley when temperatures drop. Here are the big three pests to look out for in the late spring and summer:

Bark Scorpions

Bark scorpions, for example, overwinter in groups. It’s not impossible to see a scorpion in the winter, but it’s less likely: these scorpions are less active when the weather gets colder. In fact, when homeowners do encounter bark scorpions, it’s because they stumble across a group of them huddled together for warmth.

When the weather warms, scorpions begin to stir and become more active. By the time summer rolls around, they’re actively searching for prey around your home and property.


Just like bark scorpions, roaches are more active during the summer. If you’ve had issues with roaches, you’ll see more of them as the weather warms and they become more active. It’s time for you to call in the pros at Arizona’s Best Pest for help with these Phoenix summer pests.


Ants, too, are active in the summer, heading out of their colonies in search of food. When they arrive in your home in the late spring, it’s time to call us and have us treat for ants in your home.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice for your Phoenix summer pest control

These three aren’t the only pests that are active during the summer. It’s worth noting that many pests “associated” with the winter, such as termites and bed bugs, are still active and problematic in the summer. As a homeowner, it’s best to stay alert and aware, especially when it comes to termites.

If you suspect you have pests in your home, give Arizona’s Best Choice a call to schedule your free pest pest inspection. One of our certified, expert techs will inspect your home to see if, and where, pests are hiding. If pests are found, we’ll recommend a treatment.

Contact us today to get started, or give us a call at (480) 986-8500.

Hotel pest control: 5 pests and how to deal with them

There’s nothing that hurts the bottom line of any hotel, motel or bed-and-breakfast quite like a pest infestation. Guests expect a clean, safe environment. Any pest problems, and it’s not just them who won’t be rebooking—your online reviews will take a hit, as well. That’s why hotel pest control is important.

Hiring professionals to handle your lodging pest control needs is equally important. In this blog, we’ll run through the top pest problems that plague hotels and motels, and why experts are best trained and equipped to handle them.

Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services is your top choice for effective commercial pest control in Phoenix and Casa Grande. To schedule service for your business, contact our team.

Hotel pest control matters5 most common pests in hotels and motels

Just like homes, hotels and commercial businesses can have all manner of pest problems. Here are the top-5 pests that you need to look out for and get hotel pest control to deal with:

Bed bug infestation

There’s no two ways about it: bed bugs are the most dreaded pests in hotels and motels. Nothing will kill your business faster or expose you to greater legal liability than bed bugs. Nothing will ruin your reputation faster—even if the extent of the actual infestation is limited.

Your team should regularly be spot-checking beds, furniture, and more for bed bugs. We recommend giving us a call for both preliminary and post-discovery bed bug inspections and treatment.

Bed bugs can spread from room-to-room faster than you’d think, and you don’t know the true extent of the problem until you have a professional inspect your rooms. If you close your eyes and hope the problem goes away, you’re heading for disaster.

Rodents (mice and rats)

Rodents like to be where warmth, humans, and food are. Hotels and motels are the juncture of all three. Rodents are not just gross (although they totally are) or disease-carriers (although they totally are), but they can also cause property damage and bigger problems. Rats and mice living in walls have been known to chew through electrical cords and start fires.

Our team can set up discrete traps after our preliminary inspection, and work with you on a defined plan for getting rid of all rodents and preventing re-infestation. This will likely include a mixture of traps, blocking entries, and perhaps changes to how trash and food waste is disposed at your hotel.

Prevent a cockroach infestation

They’re disgusting. If a guest finds one of these in their room, you can expect to receive a very angry call or perhaps worse. The guest is well within their rights: cockroaches represent a great health threat. They carry a large number of deadly pathogens that can cause serious diseases.

Roaches in a home are one thing, since the factors that led to their proliferation can be tightly controlled by the homeowner. However, in a hotel setting, they’re very difficult to get rid of without the intervention of a professional. That’s because guests often eat and drink in their rooms, and there are plenty of places for roaches to hide and breed.

Arizona’s Best Choice can help you get rid of your roach problems with a series of traps, treatments, and advice on how to eliminate the roach’s food supply.

Get rid of the flies

Most hotel owners and managers probably wouldn’t put flies on their top list of pests that they think of needing to deal with. However, flies are a big hassle for guests, and eliminating them is important. However, traditional means of elimination—such as fly swatters and flypaper—aren’t going to “fly” with your guests.

We have multiple means of helping you get rid of flies for good. In addition to our treatments, we’ll suggest plants and ways to discourage flies from hanging around your rooms, lobby, and common areas.

Termite Prevention

Most guests aren’t going to notice termites. However, your entire property could be endangered by a termite infestation, ruining your investment and possibly even leading to you needing to close the hotel to have repairs made. That’s a lot of lost revenue and spent cash on dealing with a problem that can be prevented with effective termite control.

Just like we do for property management companies, we can help your hotel manage your termite treatment needs. We use an effective treatment and back our work with a warranty. Our team is thorough. It’s one of the most effective ways of dealing with termites.

For hotel pest control, call us

It’s important that you handle things right with your guests. Trust, communication, honesty, and doing the right thing by your guests goes a long way. So does corrective action, which is why it’s so important to call in the professionals as soon as possible.

Here in Phoenix and Casa Grande, Arizona, Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite is, well, the best choice out there for commercial pest control and hotel pest control services. Our highly trained and professional technicians have years of experience working with hotels and motels.

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Go beyond weed killer with our weed services

Weeds: Nothing is quite as capable of destroying your weekend than having to sit out in the yard and yank these pesky plants out of the ground. Weed killer only works sometimes, and they seem to crop up soon after they are ripped apart from the ground.

Pictured: Weed killer and pulling weeds only does so much.

However, proper weed control is essential. Weeds suck important nutrients from the ground needed by other plants. Left untreated, weeds soon spread over the entire lawn.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you should call us at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite services for effective weed services. For a free weed inspection, call us at (480) 986-8500 or contact us online.

Why you need to deal with weeds (with more than just weed killer)

Against a wide variety of weeds, your average store-bought weed killer doesn’t stand a chance. You have two choices: you can break your back pulling weeds out of your yard every weekend, or you can treat weeds like the pests they are by calling us. We have solutions for weeds that get rid of them for good.

Here are three big reasons why you should take weeds seriously:

#1. Weeds can destroy your yard (and the environment)

The impact of a weed infestation in your yard go far beyond just having an upset HOA fine you—although that happens, too! In fact, weeds can destroy your yard’s beauty, reducing it to an embarrassing dead patch. Here’s why.

One of the things that makes weeds so successful is that they are competitors. They have evolved specifically to fight for space and the right to grow and thrive. For plants, that means having access to water, nutrients, and sunlight.

Weeds are ruthless in this regard. They aggressively steal nutrients from the soil needed by your grass, trees, or bushes. They soak up water, denying it to the other plants. And, given enough time, they grow tall enough to choke off their competitors from sunlight, killing them and leaving more of everything for themselves.

Here in Arizona, many yards make use of native plants, including cacti, palo verde trees, and more. Unlike invasive weed species—including Prickly Acacia, Gorse, Mesquite, and Parkinsonia—they’re not built for that level of competition. They need help.

#2. Weeds can provide safe harbor for pests

A weed invasion changes the balance of ecological communities. Birds, lizards, and native insects are not able to thrive in a weed-filled environment, while other, hardier survivors succeed in their absence. Without birds or lizards to keep them in check, crickets, ants, and roaches profligate.

In this way, a weed infestation can actually trigger a different kind of pest infestation in your home.

#3. Some weeds can trigger allergies

Not many people know that weeds can also adversely affect human health. Certain weed species—such as Ragweed, Parthenium Weed, Privet, and Ryegrass—can cause respiratory issues and asthma, particularly in senior individuals and children. Others trigger allergies in the spring, making your life miserable. You need weed control.

Store-bought weed killer often isn’t enough

Now that we’ve reviewed some of the things that make weeds a serious problem, let’s turn our attention to dealing with the said problem.

Here’s the bad news: if you’re relying on store-bought weed killer to get the job done, you might need to keep waiting. Weed killer is treating the symptom. To treat the disease, you need the advice and tools of a professional weed control specialist at Arizona’s Best Choice.

Our certified technicians have experience dealing with all kinds of weeds. We know where to spray, how to spray, and what to do to kill weeds without ruining your yard or negatively impacting the environment.

When it comes to weeds, trust the experts.

Call Arizona’s Best for weed killing and removal services

Here in the Valley, the best choice for weed killer services is Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. Our professional team consists of Arizona-certified technicians who are licensed, bonded and insured.

To get started with your FREE weed control inspection, call us at (480) 986-8500 or contact us online.

Here’s how to prevent (and eliminate) a cockroach infestation

How to Prevent and Eliminate Cockroach InfestationDo you have cockroaches? The best thing to do is to give the professionals at Arizona Best Choice Pest & Termite Services a call at (480) 986-8500. Then, keep reading to learn more about steps you can take to eliminate a cockroach infestation.

All about cockroaches

If you haven’t seen a cockroach before, consider yourself lucky.

Cockroaches are reddish-brown pests that predate humans and have been in existence in their current form for more than 70 million years. Infamously, many scientists believe they could even survive nuclear war. Given this, cockroaches shouldn’t be underestimated.

Roaches are not just a mere nuisance. They also contribute to deadly diseases. The pests carry millions of infectious agents that can lead to different diseases ranging from food poisoning to diarrhea. The insect can carry salmonella, which causes food poisoning. Studies have found that incidences of food poisoning dropped once the cockroaches were eliminated from the house.

Here we will share some tips that can help prevent and eliminate cockroach infestation in the house.

1. Place cockroach baits

You should place cockroach baits in places where they tend to thrive, such as under the sink, near the drains, and in corners of your kitchen. Once the roaches eat the bait, they will die a slow death. Also, they will infect the colony through their droppings.

The bait should be placed close to the area where the roaches will eat, so it can be taken back to the colony. You can buy commercial baits in the store.

Also, you can make homemade bait by mixing one part powdered boric acid, one part white sugar, and one part white flour. The flour and sugar will attract the nasty little pests while the boric acid will prove to be fatal for them. You should apply the powdered bait under the refrigerator, behind drawers and cabinets, and even under your stove.

Truthfully, both homemade and store-bought baits have a limited ability to take out a hardy cockroach infestation. For that, give Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services a call.

2. Set cockroach traps

Cockroach traps are commonly available in stores. There are many different types of traps. The traps simply lure the insects inside and then block the exit. Keep in mind that you can use the traps to capture only a few of the insects—they are not effective in exterminating colonies. Similar to baits, you should place the traps near the place where they congregate.

3. Fix water leaks

Cockroaches thrive near water sources. They can live months without food, but only days without water. You should look for leaks inside the house and fix them instantly. The roaches will most likely eat your baits once the source of water has been eliminated.

4. Cover the trash can

Trash cans are the favorite eating spot for roaches. To avoid a cockroach infestation, you should keep the trash can lid closed. Also, it’s advisable that you use a separate trash can for discarded food items. Furthermore, you should not let trash sit in the can for too long, and dispose it regularly.

5. Contact us for help with a cockroach infestation

The most effective ways to exterminate cockroaches from the house is to call reputable pest control experts. Professional exterminators use safe and effective measures to reduce pest infestation from the house. Experienced professionals will offer guarantees of the work so that you can rest at ease that your money will not be wasted.

In case, you want professional help in removing cockroach infestation in Phoenix, AZ or the surrounding areas, contact us: Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services.

Here’s how you can help prevent pest infestations in your home

How to Prevent Pest Infestations inside the HousePests. They’re something no one wants in their home. If you’re someone who wants a pest-free home, it’s essential that you declare war on the pests and make your house a no-entry zone for those pesky creatures.

In this article, we have listed three essential preventive pest control strategies that can ensure that pests do not have a chance to invade your house.

1. Keep a keen eye out for pests—and think about where they might be

In order ensure that your house does not become a home for pests, keep a close eye on the exterior and interior of the house. Examine entry points inside the house from the front yard and the backyard. You will have a greater chance of preventing pest infestation inside the house if you stop them in their tracks.

Bathrooms are the prime entry point of rodents and cockroaches. These pests make way through the drains and pipes of the house. Another place you should keep an eye for pests is the kitchen. Here, ants will often make colonies remain close to the food source.

The garage is the prime spot for cockroaches, mice, and spiders. Pests such as mosquitoes and termites that love dark and moist places can be found in the basement and the attic. Lastly, the yards could become the home for bees, wasps, mosquitoes, and ants. They tend to build their nests around flowers and grass near the home.

2. Take preventative measures

Apart from keeping a close watch on the pests, it’s also important to take precautionary measures to prevent pest infestations. Consider keeping the rooms clean at all times to avoid making an ideal home for pests who scavenge human crumbs. Clean and dry rooms signal to the dirty pests that they are not welcome inside the house.

Sealing the access points is another way to prevent pest infestations. Consider sealing cracked siding, fascia, and soffits. Also, the space around the doors and windows should be sealed to prevent entry of the pests. This is one of the most effective forms of pest control, and that’s why we offer home sealing services.

3. Schedule a free pest and termite inspection with us!

Remember: you can’t always detect or prevent every pest infestation. Sometimes, by the time that you have discovered the pest infestation, they will have caused irreparable damage. Or, the pests you’re looking for—such as termites—can be difficult to find and detect. You need to call in an expert.

Our technicians have experience in detecting the trails that are left behind by the pests. We take quick and effective measures minimizing the damage done by the pests. Best of all? We offer free pest inspections in the Phoenix and Casa Grande areas. Call us to schedule yours today!

Arizona’s Best Choice can help you prevent pest infestations in your home

If you want the help of professional pest control experts in Phoenix and Casa Grande, Arizona, contact us. We have highly experienced and courteous technicians who can take quick and effective measures deal with all kinds of pest problems.

How Weeds Can Damage Plants In Your Garden & Yard

How Weeds Can Damage Plants In Your GardenWeeds can damage plants in your garden and yard. To avoid damage to your precious plants in the home garden, it’s important that you keep the area clear of weeds. They not only compete with the plants for nutrients, light, and water, but also harbor diseases that could spread to the garden plants.

Weeds must be removed from the garden. Some invasive type of weeds such as bindweed and ground elder can easily swamp the garden when left unchecked.

If you are still not convinced about the threat of weeds to your garden, you can change your mind after reading about the risks of weed infestation in this article. Then, call Arizona’s Best Choice for weed control services.

Weeds starve plants

Weeds compete with the plants for light, water, and nutrients. When weeds invade the garden, they can starve the plants growing in the garden. The loss of nutrition including phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium can make them prone to disease and insect infestation. The weeds grow at an amazing rate absorbing most of the nutrients in the ground. This can overwhelm the plants causing them to wither away and die. Moreover, lack of nutrients in the ground can lead to abnormal color and fruit growth.

Weeds can be parasites

Parasitic weeds such as aeginetia, orobanche, alectra, and witchweed tend to kill other plants by attaching to their roots or the stems. They tend to suck all the nutrients from the plant making it weak and eventually succumb to disease, starvation, and pest infestation.

Weeds compete for space to grow

Invasive weeds prevent proper plant growth as they compete with them for space, as well. Once left unchecked, they can cover the entire garden. This prevents normal growth of the plant. They tend to take over large spaces killing off the neighboring plants.

Weeds can damage plants to the point where your garden is no longer competition for more and more weeds.

Weeds can have a negative health impact of humans, too

Apart from damaging the plants, weeds also cause a number of health disorders. Common weed species such as rye grass, parthenium weed, ragweed, and privet can cause asthma and other breathing related disorders, particularly in the children.

Some of the weeds are also poisonous and some cause skin irritation. In addition, water weeds such as cabomba and water hyacinth can degrade the quality of the drinking water if they come into contact with the water supply.

Weeds can damage plants: Here’s how to prevent weeds from growing

Weed infestation is a menace that can pose a risk to plants and humans alike. To minimize the damage due to weed, it’s important that you start weeding early before they have a chance to spread their seed.

Be particularly careful when removing the weeds by digging the soil between the plants as it can damage the plant roots. You should avoid digging the soil deep and consider removing the weeds by hand to minimize soil disturbance.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice for help with weed control

For expert help on removing weed infestation from your garden in Arizona, you can contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services.

How To Prevent A Rat Infestation Inside Your Home

Rat Infestation Inside the HouseRats are a serious threat to the health of the individuals. They carry different kinds of infectious diseases that can transfer to humans and pets inside the house. A rat infestation is bad news for homeowners.

The pesky little creatures can also cause damage to the electrical wiring that can pose a serious fire threat. The annoying part about rat infestation is that they tend to breed fast. Once a couple of rats enter the house, they can literally take over your house within a short time.

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to avoiding rat infestation. Here are three tips that can prove invaluable in preventing rats to infest your home.

If you do find yourself with a rat infestation, give Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services a call. We offer free rodent control inspections.

1. Seal the entry points to your home

You must seal the entry points through which rats can enter the house. Not many people know that the door and windows are the most common entry points for the rodents. By sealing the doors and windows, you can reduce the chance of rodents breaking inside the house.

To seal large holes, you can use lath metal, hardware cloth, cement, or metal sheeting. Steel wool can be used to fix small holes from where the rats can enter the house. You can find these materials in your local hardware shop.

In addition, you can use flashing around the base of the home to prevent entry of the rodents. The garages and outbuildings should also be sealed to avoid the entry of rodents. Also, if you have seen rats in your garden, you should be careful when entering and exiting the house. The rodents can dart through when you leave the door open for a few minutes.

2. Remove the nesting sites

You should detect and remove possible nesting sites of the rats outside the house. Garbage cans, woodpiles, and elevated hay are some of the common nesting places for the rates. Keep woodpiles far away from the house at least 100 feet or more.

Also, you should get rid of old tires, cars, and trucks that the mice could use as homes. Keeping grass and shrubbery cut within 100 feet of the house will also eliminate the chances of the rats making their nest around the house.

3. Call AZ Best Pest for professional help

You should contact professional rat control company for instant and effective results. The pest control experts will make a thorough inspection of the house and take instant action to remove rodents from and around the house.

We can help you with any rat infestation problems

If you want expert rodent control services in Phoenix, AZ, you can contact Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. We have a team of expert exterminators that can eliminate all kinds of pests from the house.