Here are 6 tips for dealing with a rat infestation

A rat infestation is not only gross, but is also a dangerous nuisance. Left unchecked, they can do major damage to your house by gnawing at home furnishing, internal structures, insulation, and wiring. Beyond that, they’re known to carry more than 70 diseases—some of which can be easily transmitted to humans.

Call a pest control expert when you need help with a rat infestation.Here in Phoenix, homeowners most often deal with roof rat infestations on their property. However, whether you have roof rats or other types of rodents, keep reading. We’ll review 6 rodent control tips for dealing with a rat infestation in your home or on your property—and when you need to call in the experts here at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services.

6 tips for dealing with a rat infestation

1. Don’t go out and adopt a cat as a solution to your rat infestation

Yes, cats are great hunters and the natural predator of rats, mice, and other rodents. The symbiotic relationship between cats and humans over the course of human history is in part built on the cat’s ability to keep our grain silos and homes free of mice.

However, cats that catch mice and rats—known as “mousers”—live far shorter lives than those that don’t. There’s a reason for that. Mice and rats are disease-carriers, so when your cat catches a rat, there’s a chance of infection. Or the passage of ticks. Or for the cat to ingest poison that the rat has consumed at some point. Plus, a cat will only be able to do so much, as rats in walls—where they nest and produce successive generations—are out of their reach.

If you adopt a cat, do so because you’re looking for a lovable companion. Leave the “mouser” duties to a professional pest control technician.

2. Instead, start by cleaning your house

Trash and clutter are the best friends of rats living in your home. They love clutter of all kinds, as it provides them the perfect hiding place and it’s warm bedding to bring back to nests. Start by de-cluttering your home. Make sure that the kitchen, attic, closets, and the basement are clean.

Also, you should empty trash cans in the kitchen and bathroom on a regular basis. That’s part of our next tip.

3. Eliminate their food sources

One of the preferred tactics of generals and commanders in a war is to cut off the enemy’s supply lines. You can also apply this tactic in your war against rats. Eliminating the food source will impact the desire of the rats to hang around in your house.

You should also avoid giving the rats a reason to stay around your house and dump all of your accumulated garbage immediately. Also, you should consider placing a lockable lid on the garbage can. This will prevent easy access for rats to their food source.

4. Don’t use cheap rat poison

The cheapest way to deal with a rat problem is to use rat poison. However, this is not an effective way to eliminate rats from inside the house. It rarely actually solves the problem, and can often make things worse. In fact, apart from the horrible smell, it can pose a health concern as rats can die in hard to reach areas. We don’t think we need to elaborate on how horrible that can be.

5. Seal your home

Home sealing is an effective way of blocking pests—including rodents—from getting into your home. Home sealing is especially helpful with rodents because, as resourceful as they can be at times, there are only so many spaces a rat can fit through to get into your home. Contrast that with another common Phoenix pest, the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which can squeeze into spaces the width of a credit card.

By having a pest technician seal under windows and doors, replace mesh at weep holes, and advise you on other steps, you can block easy access to your home for rats. Denied easy access, food, and shelter, rats will probably eventually move on.

6. Call in the experts

The most effective pest control strategy with a rat infestation is to call in the rodent control experts at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. We have experience in removing and eliminating rats in a safe, quick, and effective manner.

True pest control professionals, our team knows all of the effective techniques that can get rid of your rat infestation once and for all.

Call Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite for help with a rat infestation

If you are facing any kind of rodent problem in the Phoenix metro area, call our team at Arizona’s Best Choice Pest & Termite Services. We have a team of qualified and experienced pest control experts who can quickly eliminate rats inside the house. You can count on our experts to do a professional job in clearing your house from all kinds of rodents and pests.

It’s time to evict your unwelcome rodent guests

Most Arizonans are more familiar with pests like scorpions and roaches, but don’t let your guard down: mice and rats can also get into your personal space and give you and your family a headache. Agile and hardy survivors, these tiny rodent mammals thrive alongside humans, content to live in your walls and feed on your trash.

What’s the difference between rats and mice?

Rodent Control Phoenix

While often talked about as if they’re synonymous, rats and mice are actually quite different from one another, in appearance, behaviors, and even food sources:

  • Mice: These sparrow-sized rodents are tough scavengers, with excellent senses and the ability to breed very rapidly. They tend to establish a nesting site within your home, and then conduct short expeditions out from there to find food: they enjoy cereals, grains, and seeds. If there’s an opening of more than ¼ of an inch, they can squeeze through it. They drop black feces that smell musty.
  • Rats: Larger than mice, Arizona hosts three species—brown, black, and roof rats. They have poor eyesight, and rely on their other senses to get around. Both mice and rats are omnivores—meaning they can and will eat both meat and plant matter—but rats are more likely to engage their carnivorous side, and become a predator for smaller creatures. Unlike mice, they’re willing to travel to get what they want—and where they want.

How do I tell if I have a rodent problem?

Look for their droppings, or take a look around at your home. If you see wood or paper that has been gnawed at, it might be time to call AZ Best Pest.

Here are some other favorite hiding places:

  • In ceilings and walls
  • In attics and crawlspaces
  • Under or behind cabinets, counters, shower stalls, and bathtubs
  • In close proximity to hot water heaters and furnaces
  • In storage, including stored clothes, paper, or boxes
  • In trash that has been left on the ground
  • Under tall grass, bushes, or vines that have not been trimmed

How do I keep rats and mice out?

Making Life Impossible For PestsRats and mice are relatively skilled at sneaking into your home. Once there, they’ll establish a nest, where they can breed and establish a viable population.

Rodents benefit from human mess and trash. Unlike pests that are bloodsucking (like mosquitos) or predatory to other pests (scorpions), mice and rats have picked your home because they have regular access to warmth, security, and food. Here are some steps you can take to make your house an unwelcoming place:

  • Pick up garbage and keep your home and property clean, especially of food waste.
  • Make sure your garbage lids are securely closed, or fastened.
  • Trim your bushes and trees around your property. The latter is especially important, as roof rats can climb into your roof from trees overhanging your property.
  • Do not leave unconsumed pet food outside.

What do I do if I have rats and mice?

Give AZ Best Pest a call, or schedule a free rodent control inspection with us online. We provide fast, Valley-wide service throughout the Phoenix metro, and we’ll help you tell your home’s rodents that it’s time to hit the road.

Best Methods To Keep Rodents And Insects Away

A rodents and insects problem is becoming the major problem amongst many people. These are the pests that are most irritated ones and come up with lots of diseases as well. People seek out best of the methods for rodent and insect control by which they can get rid of these irritating pests. Here are some of the ways, which will help in pest removal from your home:

•    Call an expert
The first important way by which this insect problem can get rid of is by calling a best control company. Pest control helps in getting rid of several pests along with rodents and insects, like bee control, scorpion treatment, pigeon control, among several others. Hiring services from experts gives a professional treatment to the house by which insects never enter the house again.

•    Apply seal points from they come in
Once you know the main path or entry from where they come in, know half of your problem is solved. Rodents come form the places that are difficult for an individual to judge, but if you notice it clearly or have an eye at what time he comes and from where then surely you can get rid of it. There are seals and rodents solids that are available in the market, you can apply those on the areas where they stay or enter your house. If the path will get stopped then there is no chance for them to enter the place.

•    Keep the food away
The other main tip that will help in getting rid of them is to keep food away from them. In most of the cases, it is found that where there is plenty of food available, there these insects arrive fastly. With this the chance of diseases also gets raised and the food also gets spoiled. The best way can be to keep the food away store in air tight containers, from which a rodent or any insect should not be able to reach.

•    Attract and trap
The most effective method is to attract and trap. With the help of traps, bait, or poison to kill insects or rodents or to get them out. This is the technique that is mostly used and has positive results as well, but do keep in mind to keep this away form children and store it away from reach of the children.