Termite proofing your home | Arizona Pest Control

Termites are more difficult pests to guard against than those that are a little larger. You probably won’t be able to fill every termite filled gap, especially as they can just gnaw through any wood they find. You can make termite infestation less likely though. One important thing is to not leave wood against your home that attracts termites, in fact don’t even leave it on the ground near your home keep it in a shed. When you do bring wood in you can also bring in termites, and other pests, so make sure you check your wood carefully before bringing it in also try to not bring in more than you need at any one time so that it goers on to the fire soon after. Termites like soft moist ground to burrow through so if you have the land around your houses soaking in water because of poor drainage or hoses being left on then you are helping termites out even more. As well as moisture in the ground termites also like humidity so make sure you have proper ventilation in your home and more importantly in fact in your crawl spaces otherwise you are just creating a breeding ground for them right under your home.

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