Why you don’t want scorpions in your home | Arizona Pest Control

Scorpions like spiders are great at catching insects, if you have an insect problem then you have a great chance of also having scorpions who thrive on them. Unfortunately though scorpions usually have a nasty sting. Scorpions won’t come out and attack you but they will sting you if you disturb them and they feel threatened. Scorpions hide in all sorts of places and you may not realize they are there until they sting you. With most scorpions stings the pain is moderate and you may get a bit of swelling ad long as you have no allergy. With bark scorpions though, which are common in the south of the USA, they are poisonous and can cause a great deal of discomfort and health problems. Children and the elderly are especially at risk so if you are elderly or have children in your home you may want to ensure that it is scorpion free. Bark scorpions can cause as well as pain breathing difficulties and numbness or even convulsions in the affected area. Many people do assume that scorpions are usually large and easy to spot but it is important to realize they are not, they prey by waiting for food so need to be camouflaged and able to hide. Getting in an exterminator and trying to keep down numbers of insects for them to eat will help keep scorpions out.

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