Identifying Termite Damage at Your Place Part Three

At the time of termite inspection in Arizona in case you come across any swarmer i.e. flying termites it means that it is surely infested. Generally going by the swarmer behavior they tend to shed their wings on finding the potential nesting place. Eventually they start a colony of their own and manage to spread their infestation across. The next task is to look out for loose wooden boards and sagging floor or wall paint. You can also check out the hollowness of a wooden board by tapping it with a metal. If the wood is infested they would surely sound hollow and might even get damaged if tapped forcefully.

Your next task is to find out if there is stagnant water pool of any kind present near your house. If they exist then your immediate step should to be to get rid of it as it is more likely that the termites can enter your house from the nearby tree stumps and lay their eggs near the water. Try to get rid of any kind of wooden waste, tree stumps or other rubbles that might exist that will help you eradicate a food source to the termites. If you think just replacing the termite infested wood is a solution you are highly mistaken you need termite control AZ.