Scorpion Removal | Arizona Pest Control

Scorpions you may think are creatures who like being out in the sun, that’s where they are often seen. Most scorpions though you don’t see and they actually like nesting in damp and dark places, potentially even you home and certainly your yard if they can find a good spot. Removing scorpions is a job ideally for experts. It is important to remember that although most scorpions aren’t poisonous they can still sting and you have little chance of knowing if a scorpion is poisonous or not until it is too late. In fact with the poisonous bark scorpion you may well not realize it is there until it stings you, they are small and tend to be well hidden so a pest control expert with protective clothing should be called in who knows what they are looking for and where. Scorpions are often found outside in garbage, in garden waste and in potted plants and sheds. They may well be found inside though and as they tend to hide in places such as storage boxes and between bricks you may well not see them. An expert will come in and look in the right places using UV lighting, they may also remove any insect infestations from your home that are giving scorpions food and allowing them to thrive.