A Guide to Arizona Termite Inspection

Do you have a termite infestation in your house? Are you not absolutely sure about this? No problem; avail the services of a company that offers Arizona termite inspection. Once this is over with, you will know for certain if you have an infestation or not. Should this be the case, appoint a reputed termite control company in Arizona to deal with the situation.

Reasons for Opting for a Termite Inspection

There are two primary reasons for conducting a termite inspection. The first of these is because you suspect an infestation. If you have an idea where the termites may be presented, you may opt for a targeted or limited inspection type. In such a case, only certain areas of your house will be inspected and not the whole property.

The other reason for carrying out a termite infestation is that you are moving into a new home. You should avail a full Arizona termite inspection in this case so that you can be absolutely sure termites are not present. During the process, the inspector will keep in touch with both you and the homeowner. Please note that the homeowner may have to abide by certain measures to assure an effective session is to de-clutter the house and turn on the water supply so that leaks can be identified.

Types of Termite Inspection

As already mentioned, a termite inspection can either be limited or full. In a full inspection, the whole of your house is examined for termite damage and infection. This includes everything that is on the inside and outside your home, from your yard to the attic. The inspector thoroughly checks your house and will notify you about not only the presence of termites, but of other pests as well such as beetles and carpenter ants. He can also let you know which areas have excess moisture and which areas have not been properly vented.

A limited or a targeted termite inspection is carried out only in some areas of the house. The inspector will examine all wooden structures and observe them for damages. In such a case, he will note down the extent of damage and advise you about possible solutions and the price associated with each.

Among the two, a full Arizona termite inspection is more effective, but you can avail it after you pay certain charges. On the other hand, a limited termite inspection can be availed for free as well.

The Inspection Report

Once the inspection is completed, the inspector will generate a report for your review. This document is divided into main sections. The first of these presents details about structural damages and highlights the causes that led to it. Along with termites, it can also be because of fungi or beetles. The second section highlights those areas that are vulnerable to an infestation and so must be immediately treated such as a water leakage or exposed wood.