Identifying a Mouse Infestation

Mice and rodents are very common household pests in Casa Grande. Supposing, there is an infestation in your house, how do you figure it out?  There are many warning signs that can help you in identifying this. If you observe any of these, you should seek treatment right away because mice can endanger your health. Hire a reputed Casa Grande pest control service and they will easily be able to eradicate all mice from your home.

Compared to other pests, mice are not small, but at times, their identification can be difficult because they stay away from sight. The following signs serve as an indication.

Holes appear in your food containers

Mice usually feed on the food that you leave lying about and that is stored within their reach. They have sharp teeth and so they can easily chew most of the materials, making it possible for them to access the food that is stored in containers. Mice can easily enter your pantry and cupboards by chewing through it and then they start devouring on the food that is kept inside.

As such, if holes appear on your food container and you have no idea how they got there, it is probably a mouse at work. Make sure that you do not consume this food because it becomes contaminated and will expose your health to risks.

You often hear scratching noises at night

Unlike other pests, mice are not quiet. Even though they remain out of sight, they do make noises which can help you in identifying them. Generally, mice will live in the walls of your home where they feed and sleep. If you have a sharp hearing sense, you might be able to hear mice scuttling their way inside these walls.  Do this night because that is when the noises are more.

You could also monitor your kitchen at night. Keep the area dark; when mice will emerge at night to search for food, you should probably be able to hear them.

You come across droppings in your house

Mice are filthy creatures, and urinate and defecate simply everywhere. This is one of the reasons as to why they contaminate food so easily.  If you come across any droppings in your house, it is a sure shot sign there is an infestation. In such a case, clean them immediately because mice droppings are known to cause various diseases. Sweep the droppings and ventilate the affected area. While doing so, be sure to wear a mask so that your do not breathe any harmful substance.

You observe tracks in your attic

Mice love to hide in attics. If you observe their footprints or tail marks, you will realize you have an infestation to deal with.

If you observe any of the above mentioned signs in your home, you should contact a reputed Casa Grande pest control company immediately.