Natural Scorpion Control Methods

Natural Scorpion Control MethodsDo you regard scorpions as a pest or a pet? We know some people who treat them as pet and take good care of them, but there are so many others who find scorpions annoying and consider them to be a pest. They jump at the sight of one and restore to all means to eliminate them from the house.

So what are effective methods to control scorpion? The best way to get rid of scorpions is to hire a company which offers scorpion control Phoenix. They will use an appropriate method and completely eliminate scorpions from you house without exposing you to any health risks.

Scorpions can be eliminated by pesticides as well, but we do not recommend you to use them since your health is endeared. If the infestation is not too large, you can try some of the natural remedies given below.

Seal holes and cracks

Do you have any openings or cracks in your house? Seal all of them up firmly. Caulk all holes and other possible entrances such as the areas where plumbing enters your rooms. Start your inspection form the basement and then continue on to the upwards floor. Make sure you do not miss any area.

If there is space between your doors and the floor, and your windows and the walls, seal it up with a weather striping or another suitable material.

Use some bleach

If you have noticed scorpions around your septic system, you can keep them at bay with bleach. Pour some of this down your drains on a weekly basis. Generally, two spoons should be enough at one time.

Welcome spiders

Spiders can help in controlling scorpions. If you are not scared of them, you should let some of them live in your rouse and they will repel the scorpions away.

Plant lavender

Lavender can also help in eliminating scorpions. Plant some outside in your yard, and also decorate your porch with it. You must also plant lavender in small vases and keep them inside your house. Dried plants, which are easily available in the market can also serve the purpose but fresh plants produce more effective results.

Since scorpions are not attracted to lavender, cleaning with lavender containing oils also helps. This not only keeps away the pests but also introduces a fresh smell ion your house.

Citrus is another plant, which has been known for repelling scorpions.

Clear the debris

Is your yard cluttered? If so, clear up all this mess. Remove rocks, lumber, firewood away from your house. Also mow your lawn and prune bushes.

Please note that the above natural techniques are effective only if the infestations are small. If not, you will have to hire the pros and assign a reputed company offering scorpion control Phoenix to deal with these pests in your house.

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