How to Protect Your Home and Pet from Fleas

How to Protect Your Home and Pet from FleasHow I always wished for a pet dog, and now that I have one, I’m facing flea problems in my home. There are many fleas hiding in my dog’s fur. They often bite me and the rest of the family members too. They are irritating not only for us but my poor dog as well. When I decided to dig deeper into the matter, I found out that there are over 300 species of fleas in America alone. The information on fleas got me thinking, and I took preventive measures against these parasites. They not only feed on blood (humans, dogs, cats, and more) but they also transfer bacteria.

How I protected my home

With a number of exterminators in Phoenix available for flea prevention, one has to take preventive measures on a personal level as well. Read onto the list of things I tried to protect my home and pet from fleas.

  1. I realized how important cleanliness is and vacuumed every bit of my house, cleaned sofas, furniture frequently so that these fleas don’t lay eggs.
  2. You have to make sure that your house is not home to other pests, rodents, mice etc because fleas love to travel on their coat and enter your homes.
  3. I started giving a thorough check to my dog, examining his fur and coat whenever we came back home after a walk.
  4. Avoid building up of moisture or damp areas in your home. Fleas multiply within seconds in such areas.
  5. I started giving my dog a bath every time he came home from outside.
  6. Make sure you wash your pet’s toys and accessories frequently.
  7. If there are any children in your family then make sure you maintain proper hygiene and wash their toys as well.
  8. Dry clean blankets and curtains once in a while to prevent fleas from hiding in them.
  9. Change your furniture setting frequently so that no area remains dusty for the fleas to enjoy.
  10. I also noticed that many times the material of your carpet is home to fleas. Make sure you have less fibrous carpets in your home so that it becomes easy for you to vacuum over them.
  11. Change your bedding frequently.
  12. Clean the place where your dog sleeps or sits.

I did my part and tried to prevent my home and pet from flea infestation. This might not totally work but then you’ll always have many exterminators Phoenix choices. If you find fleas on your pet, make sure you visit a veterinarian first. And for your home, try to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment because nothing can beat fleas like a clean home does. Fleas carry bacteria and viruses and they lay thousands of eggs, if you find a sign of fleas in our home then make sure to take an immediate action before they multiply and put you in trouble.

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