Termites – Treatment and Prevention

Your home is the largest investment of your entire life, thus don’t settle for second best when it comes to its maintenance and prevention of pests.

There are a number of pest control agencies in Phoenix that specialize in termite control and its treatment, but you have got to dig really deep in order to find the one that fits your needs [and your budget], as not all termite control agencies in Phoenix are the same.

The best termite control and treatment agency is one that does a thorough job of removing the pesky little insects and ensures that another infestation doesn’t sprout up.

It should be mentioned that effective and long-term treatments of termites requires hard work. Companies that focus on low prices and quick jobs with 5 to 10 year warranties are more intent on producing a large volume of work. Therefore, they don’t focus on the quality of the termite treatments they use and are not exactly worried about the long term control of the problem.

Deciding on a treatment for termites can be confusing, especially when pest control agencies offer so many options. To decide on an effective termite treatment plan, homeowners in Phoenix should ask themselves the following questions:

Can I Treat The House Myself?

No, you cannot. Treating a house from termites requires a special set of skills. Building construction knowledge is required to identify the areas where termites are likely to enter. Usage of specialized equipment such as masonry drills, pumps, large capacity tanks, and treatment rods is usually a part of termite control treatments.

How to choose an effective termite control company?

As with any service provider, references are invaluable in determining the truth as to the quality of work they boast of. Call at least 2-3 companies, and consult with them about inspection, treatment procedures, and its estimates. This will allow you to compare their services. The company you eventually choose should be licensed by the Department of Agriculture, or the relevant agency responsible for the regulation of termite control in Phoenix.

Which Treatment Plan Will Work?

There are generally two very broad categories of termite treatment, chemical use and baits. You should first have your house inspected for evidence and then decide upon a treatment.

The purpose of applying chemicals in the soil is to create a long-lasting barrier that prevents, and in most cases, kills, termites that are in the soil. The other treatment for termite control is the use of baits or traps. These baits consist of paper, cardboard, or other palatable food, which is combined with a slow-acting substance, which is lethal to the pests.

The effectiveness of the two treatments is varied between the usage of only one, on some properties and a combination of the two on others.

In the end, everything boils down to the fact of your satisfaction.

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