4 Simple Steps to Get Rid Of Termites

The power of termites to ruin the house from the foundation has made them one of the most dangerous silent killers. Are you to bearing with the nuisance created by these termites and looking for effective solutions? If yes, then here is the 4 step solution for termites’ terror. Follow the termite treatment instructions and get rid of the problem.

Step #1 Track the infestation
(A)    Identify the warning signs of termite’s presence: The first step is to track down the infestation, for which, you’ll have to look up at the signs of infestation

•    Termites love to stay deep in the core; therefore, to track their presence, you’ll have to look for direct evidences. When doing the termite inspection, look up for sagging floors, holes in woodwork and hollow parts of your foundation, as here you’ll get the evidences or even termites easily.

•    Using a screwdriver & flashlight, you can easily inspect for termites in the basement. The crawl spaces & the foundation beam are the best places, where you can start your inspection. Just tap the wood & hear for sound of hollowness and with the screwdriver push the wood to test the strength of the wood. There are termites if wood is easy to part away.

•    You can even look up for the mud tunnels & tubes on the walls or in soil. If you can see the termite nests in the wood, then also there is a termite problem.

(B)    Determining the type of termites: In general case, there are two types of termites- Subterranean and Drywood. To identify the type of termite at the property is important because then only respective solution would be adopted. Subterranean termites can be there in both wood & soil, while the drywood termites are found only in wood. The former ones can do more harm to the property. Accordingly, there treatment methods also vary.

Step #2 Trying self-termite treatment methods:

There are certain methods, which the property owners or residents can adopt on themselves before consulting the pest control company.

•    Cardboard Trap: Termites feed on cellulose, so you can play with a trap on this. Take few cardboard strips, wet them, and pile them up on each other. Place this as a spot trap at the place which is infected with termites. After few days, when the termite would get infested at the cardboard, then take the cardboard to a safe place and burn it out. Repeat this for multiple times.

•    Expose the wood to the sun light: If the termites have attacked on the furniture item, then it is possible to take out of the house, where it can be exposed to proper sunlight for 2-3 days. The heat generated from the sun kills the termites.

•    Freeze them up: If there isn’t enough sunlight at your place, then try the alternative freeze method. By placing the furniture into larger freezer for 2-3 days, then they would get freeze & ultimately die.

Till, now we have discussed the two steps, which will lead you to termite free home. The remaining two steps, would be discussed in our next post, 4 Simple Steps to Get Rid Of Termites – Part:2

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